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No Fear, No Surprise, No Hesitation 1. A) True. “It’s from a seventeenth-century samurai warrior” b) True. “…There were clues all along the way that it was going to happen” 2. Students’ own answers. 3. A) huge b) happen c) passed d) looked at 4. A) began / between b) often / a c) had / what d) focuses / are explainedWorking Hours1. A) False. “ Surveys show ....... In our country” b) False. “ We must have the courage.... European countries.” 2. Students’ own answers. 3. A) called on b) juggle c) overall d) take steps 4. A) trying / than b) Despite / because of c) were / on d) He wanted to know why I had applied for a new job if my salary seemed to be reasonable.FRIEND 4EVER 1 a) TRUE: “Throughout university........New acquaintances.” b) FALSE: “A popular reason...... In a future career.”2 a) Because we don't usually break up our relationships so abruptly in real life. It would be like telling somebody to their face that we are no longer friends. B) Because future employers will probably check their social media accounts to see what type of contacts they have in order to know more about them.3a)acquaintances b) cut down on c) yet d) concerned with Question 4 a) who ------- losing b) are added ----- should use c) have you had ------- since d) My mother told me not to post those photos on Instagram.

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