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EX.11)...Town where everything..2)..Green box which is for news..3)..Blue box where i have to put..4)..Black bags which I can put..5)..Days when the men..6).Men who collect..7)..The man whose idea..8)...System which so few..9)..Something which everybody..10)..Anyone who understands.. 

.EX 2. 1.the novel which was Published last year, was written by Simon Fuller 2. The environmental Protesters,whose leader had been arrested, organized a demostration 3.In 2009,when I was a student I joined Greenpeace 4.My Father who doesn't own a car cycles to work. 5.Lincoln Is a nice city where there is a cathedral
EX 3. 1) The novel, wich was Published last year, was written by...2) The protesters, whose leader Had been arrested, organized a demostration in the city centre. ·) In 2009, when I was student, I joined Greenpeace.
EX 4. 1.A Film.. that I enjoy most 2.A Politican... That is very liar 3.A Theatre... Where performances Are made 4. English.... that Is very difficult 5.Last Saturday.. When I enjoyed.


EX1 1)T 2)F 3)T (which ended....It began) 4)F (the water..Once relied on) 

EX2 1.. 2 yaz guzzling 3 ecstatic 4 Crem 5

Ex3 1) In 2008... In a record. 2) What the writer... The unbelievably. 3)Pete Bethune... Helped fund. 4) A Major... Vehicles can be 5)The Powerboat... Began its voyage. 6) Ways In which... Avoiding processed 7) combined Old. 8) The steam Car... Reached speeds.

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