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Carta de presentación 

My name is Rober. I'm eighteen years old. I'm from Albacete. I am writing in reply to your online advertisement for the position of mechanic. I want to work soon, because I like this job very much, and I'm very interesting too. I am studying car mechanics at the moment. I can speak english and spanish fluently, and a little of french. I'm very friendly, I like to help others, and I'm very worker. I enclose my CV as requested. As you will see, I have got any experience (a little). But I have much to offer to your garage. I work well and fast. Thank you for your atention. I hope that you find my CV to be of interest. I'm available for an interview at any time. 
See you. 

Mi coche preferido o coche de tus sueños.

I am going to describe my car. I have got a Jaguar XJ Super V8, of the year 2005. My parents bought me the car when I took my driver's license, and both my parents and I, we are very happy with the Jaguar. It is black, with alloy and senon lights. In the interior, the seats are soft and comfortable, the upholstery is beige, has a built-in browser, heating seats, has a sunroof, good speakers and screens on the headrest. It has a very large engine. The maintenance of this car is very expensive. In my opinion, it is a very nice car for families. Obviously, it is my favourite car, is big and very powerful (230 cv). It's worth enough money, but it's worth it. 

Common breakdowns: Averías comunes.
Alternator faults: Fallos del alternador. 
Cluth cables: Cable del embrague. 
Distributor Cap: Tapa del distribuidor.
Flat or faulty battery: Batería gastada.
Flat or damaged tyres and wheels: Llantas y ruedas defectuosas.
Fuel problems: Problemas de combustible.
Spark plugs: Bujías.
Starter motor: motor de arranque.
Blowout/puncture: Pinchazo.
Damaged tyre: Neumático dañado. 
Flat tyre: Neumático desinflado. 
Low tyre pressure: Presión baja de los neumáticos.
Misaligned wheels: Ruedas desalineadas.  

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