Cartagena Manifesto

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manifisto d l s 1 documnto ERMISSION cartagna x simon bolivar framework enl the indpndncia d d d vnzuela Colombia after the fall d d rpublica the Primroses, explaining with great dtaye and prcision sta d ls prdida causes. was cartagna d ERMISSION in Indias (Colombia), l d 15 d December 1812. December Primroses sl s q d bolivar documnto notif great muxos others.

ls of effect causes political, economic, social, and naturals mncionadas x bolivar dstacan:

  • dl sistma fdral use, which bolivar considra Dbilas l x to the era
  • d ls rntas bad public administration
  • the trrmoto d d caracas 1812
  • impossible d stablcr 1 Ejército prmannt
  • the opposing influence d the Catholic iglsia

the manifisto to the 1st explanation carupano s dl the new failure sgunda rpublica d d vnzuela Simon Bolivarlaan exo x 7 d sptiembr d 1814.
in manifisto bolivar st qjaba d s d ls ombrs justice and divine justice advocated x, q exprsa his countrymen not vnzolanos staban prxa2 justice xal ejrcicio d, x capacs thus were not their own dsarroyar dd lys, which means q No q d entndrl vrdadro meaning could the librt, which s based enl ejrcicio SoLaMnT in practice and not words. being stl case, bolivar db practicamnt force his countrymen to asumirl ejrcicio d vnzolanos the librt to psar d d aprcio ant lack thereof.
the librtador, AC 1A outspoken critics vnzolano people do not follow their idals q and x otherwise clbra force ant dl Colombian people assumed the position q x the librt.
1 st documnto they contain clear pnsamiento the sobrl collapse d s mantie rvolucion which the SFRA simplmnt politics, atropyada x ls Enmig d the Fatherland. Insist bolivar enl caractr fratricidal or "civil" emancipatory contnida nustra d d indpndncia dislocated. s solmn commitment dspid with 1, ld rgrsar "librtador or dead" without scatimar sacrifices.
he argues his dstino q ya sta x la ddicacion marked the cause d the indpndncia. Sgura concludes with optimism, cm q enorms rsrvas wise morals d ls dl ls people and knew their own.

withthe manifisto was when Simon Bolivar d carupano gave an dtayada their rspcto political critrios the social situation impdial dsarroyo d ls q rpublicanos in vnzuela governments.
ql dclaral librtador librt stablcimiento d the country in 1 d Sclavos s work as the 1st impossibility ejcutar subitamnt d, q sta d reach out everything can dl umano; xq asi cm justice justifies the audacity abrla emprndido d, d unable to qualify the adkisicion insufi100cia d ls mdios "

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