Carthago nova archaeological site

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                                             American History

Pueblo Bonito: 

–Is the largest and best-known great house in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, northern New Mexico. It was built By the Ancestral Puebloans who occupied The structure between AD 828 and 1126.
–Machu Picchu is an old Inca site located in the Mountains of Peru, about 80 kilometres northwest of Cusco. Archaeologists think That Machu Picchu was built as a home for the emperor of the Incas, a Civilization that lived there before Columbus discovered America. The site is Often called the Lost City of the incas.

Located in the southwest corner of Colorado, Cortez is the archaeological center of America.

They Baptized the region with the name of Mesa Verde due to its high plateaus Covered with juniper and pine forests.

Cortez is home to the ancestral Puebloan peoples as well as a variety Of Native American and Spanish settlements throughout history. 

Cahokia Mounds, some 13 km north-east of St Louis, Missouri, is the largest Pre-Columbian settlement north of Mexico. It was occupied primarily during the Mississippian period (800–1400), when it covered nearly 1,600 ha and included Some 120 mounds. 

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