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1) Present Simple + Futuro simple 2) Pasado Simple + Would Infinitivo 3) Had Participio + Would Participio (Habria) REPORTED SPEECH  (Presente simple - Pasado Simple) (Presente Conti - Pasado Conti) (Presente Perf - Paaysado Perf) (Pasado Perf - Pasado Perf) (Will - Would) (Can - Could) (May - Might) (Must - Had to) (Have to - Had to) Now - Then (Now - Then) (Yesterday - The day before) (Tomorrow - The following day) SO (DO) AUX I - Neither (Aux) Suj

Calle: 14 San Carlos Población: Torrent Código postal: 46900  18 May, 2015 Customer Services Mangaer Evans Electrical Products 7 Swan Street Sydney NSW 2011 Dear Sir or Madam:  I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the above iron, which I purchased from The Electrical Store in Newtown on 10 October, 2015. On using it for the first time, I found that the temperature control was faulty; it was not possible to set it for any temperature apart from the highest, for cotton. When I attempted to return the iron to the store, the cashier said that the store was unable to replace it or offer me a refund but advised me that it could be sent away for repair. As I need an iron on a daily basis, and it was not clear how long a repair would take, this option was unsatisfactory. As the iron clearly does not function as it should and therefore does not compli with the legal standards of product quality, I am writing to you to ask for a full refund of the €35.99 retail price.  I look forward to hearing from you within the next two weeks. Yours truly,  Jenny Hawkins

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