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Style - short, brief, repetitive (and easy cmprender d rcordar) innovative (lenguaje heterogenio, mxa freedom (+ alla dla norm), variety of records ling / languages / resources retóricos (metáfora, personifies) / varied discourses (literary, scientific ..) / dla uses creative typography / .. neologismos Type - sbrtt argumntción, tb dscripción (narrción, spoke resources expresivos CMO)-very open structure (not tdos, svin image enough, ebay dmarcas cm) suele 3 parts: - Associate : elmntos gráficos atrctivos-body dtxto: inf + Arg-sentence dcierre: insiste NLA idea rfrzar sha l mmorización. 3Textos: - Mark: q nmbre identifies the product. Svint s rsultt 1 prcès MLT cstos DLQ s'spera 1gran rndiment , JAQ infrma xsi mtexa and the MRCA will load dcnnotacions qse asocian lprodcto can llgar to vnder own prdcto + q --Tagline: 1frase glance, attractive (poetry ingniosa original ..) clear and easy to xaq sea mmorizar xsanti rcordda nel mmento dcmpra. Nel owner shows up or phrase of Como cierre. Freq mtaforas or other rcurss rtoricos, ls and transformations of expressions, refranes. - Body dtxto: Avce dsaparece ttalmnte. Sgun type posting, + or-persuasive. Inf mximo glance, clear style and sncillo. - Phonic Level: Realiza is the mnsaje, dstaca use fnemas or grafemas few foreign or bezel, or cmbinaciones unusual fnemas interpuestos, dla use rhyme, Ylos rcursos rtóricos Mon propios level (onomatopeya, alliteration, paranomasia)-level Morphosyntactic: tiende to be concisión or hang weights Mon Products: - Mon elipsis Verb (Words-morpheme resources, articles, nxos ..) - Adj cmparativos: How superioridad LDE (best q) and d superlativos diff types --imperativas abound, questioning, cried the predominantly dlas x fáticas functions and conativas - use 2nd person (Tute dfamiliaridd) cn ELQ is 'down' sha 1diálogo involve the receiver. 3rd person sha + 1 formal and distant treatment. - Oraciones cortas: sintagmas are sometimes nominal, with apposition (explain or specificity) can be very large q, or d Oraciones infinitive. Among the compuestas predominan the coordinadas and yxtapstas, and mong sbrdindas ls, ls cndicionales, cnsecutivas and cmparativas.-Level lexical-semantic: dstaca innvación and Vlora cnnotativos. - Léxico connotativo: abundance cn ls palabras asociadas cnntacions in Vlora psitivos ls q promueve the publicidd (intligencia, elegance, ecology ..) are many adjetivos. Ade + tb have cnnotaciones the brands (Chanel-luxury). Usage of other languages expresivo value cn (toilet water) --neologismos tdas of the class, presentados CMO tcnicismos sha svin the prestige product. Tb vulgarismos or colloquialisms. - Retóricos resources: it seeks to surprise, ingenio, the provocations, the beauty .. Shah and call attention fvorecer the rcuerdo Mon mnsaje (repetitions). Ade + stan the tropes (metáf, cmpar, mtonimias, sinestesias), and CMO losq afectan al significado Pun, wrong, dilogía, personifica, cntraste, paradoja, hyperbole .. CONNECT Features:-relationship between semántica automàticament / txto parts d1-invariant Words Role-free syntactic breaks between 1.Estructuradores (Ordeñana and organized the INF, the txto, Mon start to end) initiators cmentadores (spikes), computers, digresores (xcert), spatial and temporal 2.Conectores argumenttivos (ideas and interact cnceptos ) ADITIVOS (ADE +), anti-argumenttivos (but) cnsecutivos (spikes as well)3. Reformuladores (expressed as d + appropriate 1inf above) explicativos (es decir), corrigendum (mjor dixo) distanciamiento d (d tdos mdos) recapitulative (n rsumen) 4.Operadores (add, cncretar 1inf) Refuerzo argumnttivo (d done) , cncreción (xej) expression or Mon Mon dvista point 5.Conversavionales topic (NLA apareça conv, señalan the steps of Certainty) hmbre, hear, see, clear, dsde then, having n, x course, seen XLO

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