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rnacimiento: Step 1rinado d carlsi, when dxplndor, very ImxtanT aparc 1 current, l umano (sl ame cntro the 1ivrso dl.) 2nd stageflipii, dcadncia econom. and social. nacl protstantismo, Lutra dsarroya their comings. spaña for ctolicism dl xa xar ataks acn contrarforma, Catholic alliance against protstants Paisse notif. position s. xvi: Step 1cancionro gnral published. Published 1543. garcilaso d works. rnovacion d 2nd stagelyric, corrients: traditional position, oral transminión. cancionril position. Italianate position, ejm. ptrarca.'s naturlza:tate ekilibrado and prfcto idalizado, locus amocnus, mouth. Classic Mythology: garcilaso prfcto crtsano sl. frnando d errra: great disciple garcilaso d, l k izo studio Primroses on Poe + d garcilaso.
Fray Luis lon: prose and vrso, prof d the d 1i salamanca. bible translations books d "d ls cantars singing. so poe + ode to Alava to Algier. san juan d the cross: Astticos, via illuminative and purgative, ls mystics, 1íon with God.
didactic prose: tell tothe dialogue, john d Valdés explained the lngua with dialogue. LitratureJsus rligiosaSNTA trsa d (d dntro the mystic). prose fiction d: NOVL Idale, the distrsionan k aparcnlmnts turality fantastic. cabayersca NOVL, cabayero Andant, prfcto cabayero, IDAL always in love, lnguaj araizant. "d Gaula Amadis. "NOVL pastoral, pastors protagonists and their loves. NOVL Moorish Moor tien l caractristicas positive idalizado l aparc arab world. NOVL Byzantine life has d d 1A vanesha enamora2, FLIZ final.
NOVL structuralist: NOVL picarsca, protagnizado x 1 rogue, umild, pasa x dífrnts difrnt d masters class, the 1st tien overview, l sucdn dsgracias, anti prsnaj eroe.

Baroque era d dcadncia political, social and cultural development. Baroque culture variada.l charged and the 1st exagracion dl rnacimiento suppose. dl sntiminto enl exagracion loving baroque. t + ls are love, mythology, and satire naturalza. xvii position: high quality and varied. t + s try not tanto.l stilo imxtants sd rflxivo and brlsco tone. to nivl formal snto and romance, no more than ten and whistles. Culteranismo: gngora luis de Gongora. culteranismo grown in prose. hiperbatons strong, metaphors, mythological allusions. conceptismo: Quevedo, Gracian. is the expression of the idea. stylistic resources are paronomasias, dilogia, antithesis. (toto Brebes).
Luis de Gongora: d nble family, recognized as a poet d quality. pike between Quevedo and Galatea. These traditional poetry and other frma of romanze longest. Quevedo high nivl d cultral writer. critical sense, he says things such qual. Estubo in jail. critical spirit makes tnga muchs cmposiciones burlesque. metaphysical poems, moral, religious, circumstances, love, satire.Baltasar Gracian: write moral and political issues. "arts acuity and wit." This is the concept.
Theater:religious issue will 'walk for secular subjects.

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