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the decade theater d d 50:

theater of the absurd

umor uses to escape a society full of d combicciones and with little freedom

social realism, with works like a straight story (1949) by Antonio Buero Ballejo and death squad to tailor alonso

d address problems from a position of society committed

theater of the 60s

is a commercial theater: pao and jaime alfonso Armiñan

committed and innovative theater, with social problems criticade position while seeking new forms of expression

works: laura elm-shirt

fernando Arabal-pic-nic

Antonio Gala

ideological theater of the 40

ideological drama: Jacinto Benavente and Carlos Arniches

pretended to distract the public away from reality

comedy-style high COEDI comdico and authors: edgar Jacinto Benavente and Naville

types of comedy

jainete: more spontaneous style, reflecting the style of the popular classes and their authors esran: Carlos Arniches and the brothers Alvarez Quintero

theater humorous became normal probability, Enrique Jardiel Poncela (eloisa is beneath an almond tree)

twentieth century Hispanic American literature: American espano lirica

in early modernism ai-edges of life and hope, and Ruben Dario-blue

simple expression d lyrical songs everyday authors:

Gabril amistral (junior award)

Alfonsina Storni

early works of Pablo Neruda and Ballejo cease from the 20s, avant-garde influences in the generation of 27 to ivan r.jimenez

creationism (vicente hido and others), their authors: Pablo Neruda, Cesar Octavio Paz Ballejo

from the 50s reveals the poetry q singuralidad of mestizo society and its political realities, and mix the Hispanic indioafricano, Nicolas Gill

? reinbidicacion social poetry of Nicanor Parra

from theater to present años70

q authors are represented exile had been n: max aub and alberti

d renobador foreign theater avant-garde aesthetics: francisco snow and rosemary this

author d previous decades: buero-ermano Ballejo a ladder, and Antonio Gala-ring for a lady

New authors: José Luis Alonso de Santos-get off the Moor, and janchis Sinisterra-ai jose carmela

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