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pron.personal your artúculo him the possessive adjective possessive adjective you prom.personal my pron.personal me tea pron.personal you adversative conjunction but more substantive adv if yes assertion preposition conjunction verb to know is pron.personal know or conjunction or verb between numbers and conjunctions pron.relativo interrogative exclamatory interrogative pron who prom.relativo which pron.relativo who what where interrogative, where as, as, if not questioned or exclamatives adv whither, where, how, how much, even when they interrogated and exclamatives equals to, also, even yet still represents this, that, that adj demonstrative (I like this job) this, this, that pron.demostrativos (my car is this one) because only adjective adverb conjunction causal only substantive reason (it has "the "front) that preposition + preposition + pron.relativo why pron.interrogativo.

first half of sXX 1. a century of changes, political, ideological and social. 2. given society in war zones 3. Spain is a parliamentary monarchy after the Second republic, civil war and dictatorship franquista.POESIA modernism (1880-1914) Rubén Darío, Manuel Machado and try to change but FRACS JRJIMÉNEZ struggle between burgesa, avoidance of problems, so that greater importance content, a minority, idealization, sensuality. France (1860-1880)-symbolism-forming paramasionismo per Becher influenciats modernism, romanticism, German philosophy, class struggle.

symbolism, founder of the modern art movement. metaphor breaks the logic uses words to create images CHBaudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarme an idea may be expressed with a symbol, but the symbol is that it interprets the author so the reader has no where agar is. the paranasianismo: moving wings (considered above) trying to find the beauty, the perfection of form, the Landscape perfect .... for the rhythm, perfect music, 1913, seeks ways breaks with the sign of modernism Tendencies cise: beautician: beauty is not necessarily useful. flees from reality Bohemian Ruben Dario: enfrentación radical society, marginal, flee from society and public quuiere day .... and almost always fails. enter alcohol crimes worlds Alejandro Sawa, Emilio Carrerz intimate: hue inward "Becher", the use of the symbol, melancholy. the decadestino attractions as sixth dying. feelings exxploración Antonio Machado, Juan Ramon Jimenez. Generación del 98: look out, critical vision of the socio-political content is more important than form, has a majority stake they have in common with the modernists: the Rebaldí, unwell, seek a new language

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