Castilian literature throughout the course

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medieval literature: literary evidence 1ros XI - XIV. poetic genre of oral transmission belts: -1 anonymous -2 traditional lyrical epic narrative (sing my cid). diffusion narrative poetry writing: poetry "mester of clergy" in prose: the Count, / D. Juan Manuel prerenacimiento XV traditional ballads (poems 8 syllables, verses rhyme A pairs) learned poetry (copies for the death of his father) humanistic comedy (celestite) F. XVI Renaissance poetic genre red = use of new verses and stanzas, Garcilaso de la Vega, author sonnet representative prose fiction = picaresque novel Lazarillo, Don quijoste spot.

XVII baroque poetry octasilabo use of combinations of heroic verse, emblematic authors: Francisco de Quevedo (concept) Luis de Gongora (culteranismo) in prose excels picaresque novel: Lazarillo de Tormes (humoritico tone) in the comedy drama comes through Lope de Vega and Calderon de la Barca's Life is a Dream (play) the nXVIII eodasicismo social objective to help improve society jose scaffold prose and letters in the theater if Leando fernandez girls century romanticism romantic period 1835 and 1845 jose esponceda, post-Romantic period Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, rosalia castro, costumbrisa prose, Marian jose ARTICLES wool and cultural movement, yearning for freedom individualism development of political and economic liberalism

century realism and naturalism evolution of manners in the restoration in 1880 is mixed with naturalism. representative genre novel, late modernism nineteenth hipanoamerica born as a rejection of naturalism in Spain ppor introduced the poet Ruben Dario (escapism, taste for solitude, melancholy, nighttime, mystery, imagination etc. XIX Fortunata and Jacinta generation of 98 writers who were interested in their works to this historic porblema: loss of the last colonies in 1989, decay, poverty, spiritual atonia runs Clarin

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