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Rima II: Summary: The poetry means that you are born but then not know what to prepare the future, where will that do, or what will happen. Topic: Melancholy. Rima: VII: The theme of this rhyme is a reflection on the art itself, and each one has within. To arouse the art that everyone has inside needs help from someone, for this reason, the author gives the example of a musical instrument (someone needs to touch him) and the Gospel of Christ's raising Lazarus orders . Rima XI: Topic: The poet's rhyme lists in this diferntes models of feminine beauty. Each vision of beauty is matched by a stanza three. First the brunette woman: fiery, symbol of passion, ... (rejects). Second woman appears pale and fair: of great tenderness (the rejects). Third woman appears impossible: intangible heritage, ... (the desired). Rima: XIV: Topic: The poet is here, as in many other poems, the idealization of the beauty of women, characterized in that, of the charm of the beloved's eyes. This concept is closely related to medieval neo-Platonic philosophy, since they believed that through the eyes light bringing love. This evocation of the eyes is passed to a personal reflection on what fate awaits you. This is a romantic idea for excellence and has been treated many times in the poems, we might be able to rhyme II as an example. Rima: LII: Summary: The Poetry says there is great love between two people who just for some reason and then ja he tells you to find someone else to want to come back but as he did not want to go back to anyone. Topic: The end of a great love. The rhyme expresses the wish that the personification of nature end to the suffering that is the poet, and the wind carry his memory, that fire will burn and that the sea will drown, want to be forever to finish pain that has to live this broken heart Rhyme: LIII: He says that love will come, but will never be as before. Rima: LXVI: The issue of rhyme is the question and answer about the origin and destination. The poet answered himself, saying they are the pain and neglect, respectively. Rima: LXXV: The theme of this rhyme is the question that if the poet through the sleep experience our spirit leaves the body and makes Ascenco way of life to the world body of ideas and wisdom to reach there.'s green eyes: Summary: Fernando de Argensola, eldest son of the Marquis de Almenar out one day hunting for their land, it hurts a deer and goes until the source of Alamos, with none of his subjects can stop him, where they say he lives a spirit of evil, so nobody dares to get there. Fernando Furioso part toward the source without your hounds, Iñigo can stop it. From that day Fernando is depressed and sick, and says he saw the green eyes of a woman. One night Fernando returns to where he had seen the green eyes and sees a beautiful woman among the rocks. The mysterious woman called Fernando, and he approached the brink, falls into the water where she drowns. Theme: The theme is the attempt to achieve unattainable love.The mount of animas: Abstract: This legend is set in Soria, two young nobles. Alonso Soriano and her cousin Beatrice who is a foreigner, he is very in love with her but her love is not entirely reciprocated. Returning from the mount of the souls to the city on All Saints and she asked him about the mountain of the spirits, as the legend said that night of the monastery bells rang and got up the souls of the dead. They decide to go to the castle and ride the girl he drops a blue stripe. When they decide to surrender two separate dining memories, Alonso delivered a gem to his beloved, but when Alonso will receive the memory of the beloved says that would betray the band wore blue in the morning but that he had lost in the monte de las Animas, and on top that day was the Feast of All Saints, the day when all souls go to the mountain, after dinner will be a cozy room where some old women told stories about demons. They did not speak, only stared into her eyes. When they talked and decided to get gifts that she should depart to his country soon, they agreed that he would give her a gem and she would give him a blue band that had lost in the woods that morning, despite everything Alonso decides to search the band blue, but not return, Beatrice decided to go to bed but could not sleep, but she does not know that end with the souls. That night Beatriz hears strange noises in his room the next morning he gets up and sees the blue ribbon that had sent for her lover to the mountain, all covered with blood and torn up a comfortable than he had in his room. While receiving the news of the death of Ali, she dies of printing, as he believed that all the noises of the night were a dream. Topic: i love fighting. Maestu perez organist: Abstract: Maese Perez is a man who plays the organ each year in the church of St. Agnes (Sevilla) and the angels, for masses of the Rooster. A year decided to play very sick Maese the organ in the Midnight Mass, while everyone is playing this silent and perplexed by its ease to play the organ, and how well he plays, he suddenly screamed olle, Master has spent a year muerto.Al badly drawn man offered to play the organ at Mass Gallo, the man played very badly but on reaching the mass sorpredió everyone how well tocaba.Otro year while her daughter was playing the organ she parted her hands keyboard and the organ was playing a beautiful melodía.El playing was the soul of Maese Perez. Topic: The soul of a good organist. The moonbeam: Abstract: Manrique was an imaginative poet, who was very fond of a summer night mujeres.En Manrique is a white thing in the river already seems a women and no more falls for her (supposedly) without thinking twice decided to follow her to declare, crosses fields, bridges, trails to reach outside the Duero.Finalmente reaches an old house where he seems to have been stop and go to the house, waited and waited until a man comes out of there and says any girl who does not live just a very sick man. The knowing this will be disappointed and sad, to explain to the gentleman who says he has love is in the moonlight. Theme: The imagination of a lovesick poet. The misereve: Summary: Everything happens in a town where one day a prominent musician who was looking for a tune called (Psalms of David). The musician was greeted by some pastores.Un rainy day that pastors were telling him a story about monks who had died in a fire at the monastery, which according to the story every Holy Thursday gathered at the monastery, singing, hearing that the boy darted the house to go to the monastery because that day just was Holy Thursday, to get laid has waited to see if what she had heard was true.Finally he saw the monks as revived and sang the melody that just looked terrified he lost consciousness and could not hear the end, and when everything was up acabado.Al day after returning to the village decided to stay a few days or months but until he could finish the melody composing Psalm of David, after days and hours trying to figure out what would be the end of that beautiful melody that he never heard the melody entera.Con unfinished died. Topic: An unfinished melody.

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