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Opció A (Torcuato Luca de Tena. The crooked lines of God.)
1.1. It assesses the perception of art as something that distinguishes the human species beyond basic necessities.
1.2. a) Food: food. shelter: shelter.
b) Pleasure, pain, suffering. builds, destroys, demolishes.
c) Animal.

d) Man is the only animal that ... stumbles twice on the same stone.
1.3. a) It gives flavor and taste (food) using seasonings: salt, oil, pepper ... / Alina (food).
b) balance between its parts.
c) made by top designers fashion or prestige.
d) Essentials for survival.
1.4. The correct answer is c).
1.5. The correct answer is b).
3.1. a) Stop. The subject is 'dressing'.
b) Conjunction (adversative).
c) Man.
d) Adverbial Mode.
In this function, as elemental (CI).
the requirement to draw up his clothes with certain shapes and colors
The frieze of plaster or fringe as question marks of the irons
holding the handrail of a staircase add nothing to the shelter of man.
3.3. Añadan. / 3rd person plural present.
3.4. The correct answer is a).
3.5. The correct answer is d).
Opció B (Official State bulletins n)
1.1 is a basic law that provides for protection of persons subject
maltreatment. As is the "Reason", the argument about the rationale
underlying the law.
1.2 a) "Violence directed against women by the mere fact of being" (taken from the text).
b) Quality of the person who has not received any physical or psychological aggression.

c) Situation in which he finds the woman who has suffered attacks and abuse, and that the
made subject to man ... (It's explanation of the text itself).
d) the human freedoms recognized by the mere fact of being: freedom of
expression, movement, assembly ...
1.3 brutal, wild, barbaric, cruel ...
degrading: humiliating, outrageous ...
acknowledged, admitted, he said, agreed, agreed ...
goals: goals, motives ...
undermines: damages, injures, shrinkage, reduces ...
expression: expression, shows ...
suffered: suffered, experienced ...
effect: influence, impact ...
1.4. To all who this ... / History:
There is a problem that affects ... / Antecedent problem
It is a violence that is directed ... / Antecedent violence
a technical definition of battered woman syndrome, which consists of ... /
antecedent: the battered woman syndrome.
sociocultural constraints that act ... / Antecedent constraints
sociocultural ...
3.1 a) Word: Recognized / Subject: The United Nations Organization.
b) complement or direct object.
- at the Fourth World Conference 1995: Adverbial of Place.
- And: Adverbial of Time.
d) Supplement Direct
violates and impairs.
3.2. be: what = female. Function: Attribute
putting it: the = women. Function: Direct Complement
3.3. Fri / Subject: those
entendieren / subject: those who
affect / subject: that
can / subject elliptical
3.4. The correct answer is d). [0.5 points]
3.5. The correct answer is a). [0.5 points]

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