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Eastern (Roussillon, central, Balearic, algae) - Western (Northwest Valencia) / - / OCC angles (north-OCC + val): ix Digraph end or between vocal pronun. Semi-VOC / masc words ending in-e are pl-ns / 1st pers sing this ind ends [or] or [e] / is now before the verb I will bite you / v. incoatius increase with ix-/ - / U.S. OCC: the initial and unstressed open to [a] / or the initial slack in diftongarse au / ORIGIN Latin words are maintained and can change the e ai / POS and after initial consonant x Affricate as articulated palatal / in initial pos [z] is pron [dz] / use it and the archaic art Men / 1st person present ends in-or sgl / Subj endings in-e / - /Valencia: North OCC = q + [UJ] is pron [wi] / lost intervocalic d in suf-online-adore / bl group bs'articula the fricative between vowels / consonants to be pron ult-nd-nt-lt-ld nc-ng / ra the final word is not enmudeix / v Labiodental and b distinction between bilabial / the use of all the art / art without names / the possessive its your opinion you are my my my hand with his alternate are ta sa ton / uti dmostr this is that those that archive Such / p 1st sing prisoner ends in-e ind / imperfect endings Subj-now-was-rage / combo pron weak 3rd person are readily IC + CD, the will, the the, the the , pass them, I do / prep to happens to be on potato-potatoes,leave-out, little bit night-night, washing dishes Drain-/ - / Eastern Catalan (Rosell, Central, Balearic, algae) in water-qual-groups are reduced to [go] [ko] / the final group in water -- qua reduced to [g @] [@ k] / the digraph ll articulated and / r added to words ending in-cone Dental / 1st pers sing ind just taken in [u] [i] [rule] / verb incoatius -- shaft / - / Roussillon: 5 tonic vowels [a] [e] [or] [i] [u] / sound [and] reduces to [u] / words esdruix'll have to be flat / esdruix words ending in [i @] Schwa losing end / sound [maixa] falls in final post / 1st pers sing-in and just taken ind / ut as auxiliary verb be / gold neg s'ut stephowever no / - / central Catalan (Barcelona, Tarragona, northern trans salty, heather: 7 tonic vowels [a] [e] [e] [o] [0] [i] [u] and 3 unstressed [ i] [u] [@] / no position t-nt-group LT-rt / sound fricatiu [maixa] tends to Africa [maixa t +] / audio sound africat [dz] deafen a [t + maixa] / the 1st pers sing prisoner is not it ends in-ind pron [u] / verb incoatius-axis / - / Barcelona: great opening vocal [e] [or] [@] q conv in [e] [0] [a] / shows that these can sing masc pron [aquets] / - / Tarragona: pron Labiodental v q distinguishes b / n is the decreasing palatalitza after diphtheria / penultimates q = cache shows the Barcelona + Women / pron pers naltros, nantros, valtros / masc words ending in-e-PL with ns / - / northern transition: the INF 2nd and 3rd Conj lead-end and / 1st pers ind taken adds finishing [u] of a central-to-one w / a flawed door ind-v-inserted / neg sentences have little, little place not in + / Digraph Gua becomes the go / - / salty : you article, sa / - / heather: the syllabic unstressed and becomes final and / - / Balearic: Schwa position tonic / esdruix words ending in [i @] lose neutral vowel and plans conv / theV pron Labiodental and with diff b / t groups are pron-nt-lt / ll be pron Digraph and os'emmudeix / group-TLL-be in-tl-conv / ut art is savory, healthy / art ut pers in, ag / 1st pers sing ind taken 1st and 3rd Conj not wearing desinence / pron pers noltros, voltros / green front ut pron full of weak forms / al.lot-boy, money-money that, pants-pants-surname lineage , afternoon-evening-be kid, child-nin, Gone-and So-masonmason, noise-noise ca-dog, more pus-/ - / someone: Voc at [i] [u] [a] ton VOC [e] [e] [a] / digraph ll ny is pron [l ] [n] / R is conv consonant followed by [l] / the cone d, l are pron [Rsombrero] / dr group is in conv [r] / 1st pers sing taken not saved ind / ind verb was taken I sound, you ses, it is always us, its you, they are suitable as ut / Art Men det it, the / possessive my, mine, soft, thy, ye, sweat, ours, ours, yours, your / front ut full verb forms of weak pron / adj superlative forms repeating /ECCO-behold, lay-then, then-Alora

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