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1 .- Occitan: 1213 there was the war wall. Lexpulsió land of the Catalans and the migration of Provanco territory Catalan Provençal troubadours (poetry) Occitan made in the territory mark. James I and taken back by the French sexpandeix the Mediterranean. Troubadour / minstrel: A poet was a man who had ecclesiastical studies in Latin poetry. The minstrels were people who earned a living entertaining people juggling, performing, making music, singing since lèpoca ,...) romans.El of medieval troubadour but that arises lèpoca composed in the vernacular, poetry in Provençal and Occitan . It also emerged from composers and lyrics but gave the minstrel (lower class) because it is interpreted (minstrels of troubadour poetry). Then came the minstrel-troubadour but that was more money and ended up being troubadour.
Ramon Vidal Besalú who writes a poem to teach young minstrels and hopes that they have to do.
Cerverí born in Cervera and made a minstrel-troubadour in Girona and was at the court of King of the Duke of Cardona. Troubadour and later was signed with the name of William of Cervera then writes only to teach and educate your child. Damor Laws: poem about a woman married to the highest level. The troubadour sanomena man or woman called sert and starches (my Dominus) and also senhal (pseudonym or signal). Appears gilós (jealous) that represents the true man of the woman. Also lausangier (envious) represented by the rest of the troubadours to explain their relationship to gilós. Cabestrany that Wilhelm was killed by a troubadour gilós (Ramon Castillo Roussillon) you cut off the head and the heart was removed and gave food to his wife. After being eaten, she said she did not eat anything to keep the taste. For this reason the gilós began a chase to his wife, she finally threw up the balcony below and Ramon was as unworthy.
Sorts trobadorescos ordered by feelings
Love: Song: declaration of love to his lady troubadour with a pseudonym. Pastorela: variant of the troubadour song that declares the pastor or shepherd and the knight is considered the lady shepherdess. Albada: when to lalba troubadour and the lady have spent the night together, a friend of troubadour gets to sing and cautioning that the troubadour separate shank. Planh: Lament for the death of a loved singing. Also made by the feudal lord to death dun make money.
ODI: Sirventes: datac song against someone in a typically feudal. Contraption: Debate: two troubadours senfronten to know what is best and a third judge makes Tench; lun laltre proposes a theme to discuss and everyone does their song.
Match Game: dunk proposition subject only two possible positions and select laltre position.

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