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Argumentation argumentative structure: induction. In the arguments they present facts, reasons and evidence to try to conclude. Deduction: the idea is to show and AMBA defense arguments can also be incorporated contraarguments. Weight: Cuan presents the advantages and disadvantages. The characteristics of argumentative texts: predominance of negative or affirmative declarative sentences, frequent use of connectors, Cause (as, because, due ...), conseqëncia (therefore, so ...), opposition (but nevertheless ...), proposal examples and comparisons, citation (snippets of text but a supporting ideas). The combination that accentuates not to support any preposition, which is accentuated if supported. interjection: exclamative words that are express feelings such as joy (Onomatopoeia Hooray !)...: trying to play sounds and noises of everyday life (Clink). PRESENTATION OF ARGUMENTS If we want to convince someone of something, we must realize the arguments presented it nicely and orderly.

literary renewal of the twenties and thirties: After noucentrisme and avant-garde, in the twenties and thirties living a century instead. The renewal and diversification of The Catalan was reprende strength from 1925 A new trend is the psychological, which was the predominant current. There are novelists like Michael Llor, Juan Sebastian Soler, Carles Soldevila ( Fanny), after joining the Catalan literary authors who had just consolidated after the Civil War (Espriu Salvador, Villalonga, Merced Rodoreda) THEATRE: entered into crisis during the noucentrisme gave different types of works such as the high bourgeois comedy (the adaptations and Carles Soldevila). ideological critique of works (Jose-Maria Millàs Raurell and John Oliver. creadro dramatic poem was Sagarra Josep Maria (coffee of the Navy). simboolisme based on the post-symbolist poetry, was originated in France in the late nineteenth century a most famous were John Vinyoli CHARLES RIBES ... The prose is not renewed literary fiction of the twenties and thirties is the consolidation of journalism and the essay in Catalan. ya was to modernism, and avant noucentrisme. Charles shores, Nicolas Louis de owel, Josep Pla.

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