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Chapter 1
On both sides of the river lay a gloomy pine forest, boreal forest was savage. But life in these places without challenging two men stood on a dog sled, also had a third who lay in a box. At nightfall they stopped in a coniferous forest that was at the side of road, built a fire, and Bill told Henry that he had given the fish alo just dogs, but he needed one, that meant that a wolf had eaten the fish. A while later the dogs seemed upset and a lot of eyes were grouped around the camp, the two men decided to sleep. The howling woke Bill, counted them and saw that there were seven. The next morning there were only six wolves probably would have devoured.
Chapter 2
Henry and Bill woke up and went on the road, covered the Arctic night
quickly or heaven, so they camped, Henry heard a scream and saw Bill with a stick in his hand and a slice of salmon in the other, Bill said he had given a good shot at a wolf that would eat the what dog meat. The next day saw it as another dog had disappeared, so at least two dogs were launched, that day was like all the rest, as night fell, they made a camp. Bill attached to the dogs so that they could not escape. The next day they again miss another dog, certainly one of the animals would bite the rope to the other and this would escape. They broke camp and continued their journey, and it was less surprised that the ride in the sleigh they found the club where they had tied the dog, wolves had eaten up the belt. Bill Henry told to hasten to tell how many wolves were followed, after a while Bill came back and told Henry that they were filled with about twenty hungry wolves. At camp the first thing Bill did was to tie the dogs so that they could not bite the rope between them. Bill seemed quite disheartened after a while went to sleep.
Chapter 3
The day started well at night no dog had not disappeared, Bill seemed most animated when she upset the sleigh one of the dogs ran toward the wolves, the Bill attempts to stop it were unsuccessful, the dog stopped at the wolf, Bill remembered the rifle he had in the sled and pulled it out of prontota wolf pounced on the dog's back and out of nowhere appeared a dozen wolves, wolf's attempts to escape were futile. Bill turned his rifle toward where the wolves from the sled Henry could not see what was happening, but what he heard was enough to continue the trip alone. I only had two dogs so he could not go very far, to ease the burden of death had to tie the box into a tree. He camped and as night fell a circle of wolves surrounded him, spent a sleepless night glow sticks and thrown everywhere, but the next day sleep overcame him and he fell exhausted, on waking I saw a pleasant metrote wolves away then an idea occurred to him, made a circle of fire and got inside, and when I thought all was lost, he heard some men come, and fell asleep from exhaustion.
Chapter 4
The wolf was the first to hear humans, then the others followed, the herd is weak and urgently needed food, had a great young wolf at his side, an old wolf that was missing one eye to eye there was also a cub about three years, from time to time the three displayed their love for the wolf, and this is stirred by giving them quick bites on the shoulders. Eventually found a herd of reindeer, with which they could satisfy their hunger, so with full stomachs, the wolves from partner to partner were leaving the herd to be only the big young wolf, the one-eyed and the cub. One day the wolf attacked the wrong and tore his ear, then the big-eyed wolf and killed him after that fight, the one-eyed bit his jugular vein and killed him leaving them both.
One day they found a camp in which the wolf was curious, but quickly went away, and by the way they went, they saw a hare hanging from branches that were no more or less traps for hares Indians but they have been stolen and fed on them.
Chapter 5
The wolf and One Eye ascending the Mackenzy, they found a cave they were installed, the wolf no longer had the speed before and each time had to be stopped, the wolf found a cave where it was installed, it went inside the cave all day, until the wolf arto expected, the Eye went for a walk, and returning to the cave was found by the wolf lay a litter of puppies, then his instinct told him he was looking for food for the puppies, walked a few hours until they finally found a partridge and killed her. With the bird in his mouth went to the cave, but before we get found footprints bigger than yours and a little later he saw a bobcat trying to kill a porcupine but this was rolled up and not let him lynx attack, but in an unguarded moment, this is unrolled and the lynx will hit a near-fatal blow in a split second porcupine and wagged his tail to the lynx is the nail in the face. The cat ran away and half an hour after the porcupine died and the wolf was the porcupine, but as not fit both in the mouth, swallowed the bird and went to the cave with the Porcupine, where he hoped the wolf and her cubs.
Chapter 6
The cub, was different from the rest of her litter, rather than red, was a gray, like his father, was a real wolf, not opened his eyes for a month, but despite that already knew his mother, his father and brothers. I felt very curious about the light output that was the end of the cave and the world that lay beyond this. It was the first of his breed to learn kicking, biting and barking to one day her father went hunting and never returned, and his brothers were dying of hunger to be the single, so his mother began to hunt. She knew full well that the one-eyed man was killed by lynx and now have to avenge his death.
Chapter 7
The cub came out of the cave was a new world out, the cub was full of curiosity, out of the cave fell down the embankment and landed next to some bushes and saw the first animal that was not his race
It was a squirrel, he wavered from the top of a tree, suddenly saw a woodpecker which was launched on the head and pecking him, the cub ran away with the bad luck to step over a log This gave rotted and fell over a nest of quail, which was full of chicks, and felt devoured first taste of warm blood in his mouth, the mother suddenly appeared and began to peck him, and when the cub was on the verge of defeat, came out of nowhere a hawk killed the partridge. The cub continued their journey to reach the river, nearly drowned in passing through it, crossed the river, he met a young weasel who wanted to attack, but the mother of this, protected his son by jumping into the neck of the wolf and when he went into his second attack of the cub's mother appeared and killed the weasel. Then the two wolves went to the cave and slept.
Chapter 8
The cub as time passed she felt stronger and more courageous. He no longer feared to almost nothing and sometimes even planned to kill the squirrel as mocking, but still feared what he really was a hawk flying over the skies, the view always was hiding.
One day he slept in the cave with his mother, he was awakened by this cry, the mother of bobcats tried to enter the cave, as the wolf pups killed lynx, the struggle between the lynx and the wolf was very intense, the lynx had an advantage in possessing a knife-sharp claws to tear. The cub was also involved in the fight and took a swipe of the Lynx, who made a deep wound in the shoulder. At the end managed to kill the lynx and feed him for several days. The courage of the cub was growing each day a little more.
Chapter 9
The cub emerged from the cave to drink water, but that was his surprise at seeing a creature who had never seen before, they were men. The cub tried to defend the three men around him, his attempts to defend himself were futile, seeing the white fang wolf fang decided to call it white.
On hearing the cries of help from his son the wolf ran from the cave to defend it, but one of the men shouted Kiche and the wolf stopped and lay on the ground. The Indian took Kiche and White Fang camp, the latter was astonished of the power that humans had seemed gods. White Fang In the camp he met a dog named Bocas which would be his great enemy, were not long settled in that camp, but continued their journey.
Chapter 10
White Fang to the days when the camp was full of new experiences, the thought of humans as gods who dominated everything. Bocas not stop fighting with White Fang, and Fang always lost these fights. Maybe it was because Bocas not let him live his childhood mostly White Fang developing the sense of cunning, one day he planned a strategy for their comeuppance Bouches had attracted him in a roundabout way through the camp to join him and this tore Kiche by all sides. One day Three Eagles embarked on a canoe, taking with them Kiche White Fang jumped into the river to chase the boat, but Otter Gray took another boat and managed to catch it. Otter Water Leaving Gray gave him a good beating, so White Fang knew he had to obey the man and so it would give him food and shelter.
Chapter 11
The camp was still a White Fang White Fang and martyrdom because it was increasingly more fierce and dangerous, there was growing cubs in camp, so that White Fang learned to attack the weak and the strong respect , so none of the puppies she dared to walk alone through the camp. Fang was a very smart dog and great strategies planned to round up opponents.
One day while in the woods killed a dog, everyone saw how he killed the dog, which wanted to kill White Fang, but White Fang was protected.
Chapter 12
The camp was a great hustle the Indian lands were to where game was more plentiful, instead of going with them was White Fang to the forest, he stayed there long enough, until she heard some voices calling for him, were Otter Gray and Mit-sah. White Fang was an internal dispute over whether to stay or not stay, but decided to remain in the forest.
Night fell early, it was very cold and started snowing, White Fang did not know what to do and missed the protection of man, so I bolted out of the woods and was following the bank of the river the same way they had come the Indians previously, the trip took almost three days, White Fang was malnourished, but when all seemed lost finds traces of the Indians on the shore, a little further was the Indian camp and Otter Gray, who saw him gave him a piece of meat and stroked.
Chapter 13
Gray Otter departed the onset of winter, White Fang use to pull on his sled, Bocas was ahead of the dogs ran even more eager to catch him, thanks to this the sled ran over.
When handing out food, all for letting White Fang caught the biggest piece. One day they reached an Indian village, White Fang saw as Indian even cutting meat, White Fang took a piece of the fallen, then the Indian lift the club to give him, but White Fang returned his hand plucking attack. The next day the kids wanted to stick to Mit-sah, but White Fang frightened with quick bite, the boy told his father that White Fang gave a large piece of meat for saving his son.
Chapter 14
Otter Gray ended his trip at the end of spring, White Fang had just turned a year. One day he distributed the meat, White Fang grabbed a big piece of meat. A dog named Fang Baseek who had always feared, tried to snatch a piece of meat, then White Fang bit and tore his skin, it ran away, White Fang being felt even stronger.
During the summer White Fang had an extraordinary experience, he found Kiche, which showed no affection for him, even bared his teeth.
There was a great period of famine in the camp, some Indians ate their dogs, so White Fang went to the woods in which he obtained enough food to survive. White Fang Kiche also found in the den, next to her had a litter of puppies. One day he found walking Bocas, which succeeded in defeating a day after he returned again to camp, where food was again plentiful.
Chapter 15
White Fang was consolidated as the leader of the sled, which the other dogs hated him for, have the protection of Mit-sah, so we always attack White Fang. He attacked as manifested in the jungle, is unknown.
When White Fang was five Otter Gray took him away. In the villages they passed White Fang left a big trail of death, the other Indians said it was top dog they had ever seen. His body, his brain and his movements were perfectly coordinated to kill. In the summer came to Fort Yukon, Gray Otter had heard that gold had been found recently. He first saw white men even where it seemed even stronger than the Indians. White Fang had fun killing the dogs of white men. Since almost all dogs and strong white men hated him.
Chapter 16
At Fort Yukon lived a man, whom Smith was nicknamed as the Fair, was so called because it was very ugly, Smith was obsessed with White Fang, which had not lost sight at any time and loved the dogs and killed the white men. One day Smith wanted to buy the Fair White Fang, Otter Gray said no, but Smith knew the Fair and buy it, so he was bringing bottles of whiskey, and every day Otter Gray wanted more and more, so the Fair Smith I proposed a deal, White Fang was buying more bottles to change. Otter Gray and Smith agreed to carry the beautiful White Fang, White Fang hated Smith, because Smith often gave him a brutal beating, at nightfall White Fang Nutria escaped with Gray, but the next day Smith the Fair went for it and gave him the beating was so great that he fell ill.
Chapter 17
Smith the Fair, be
White Fang aa stuffed in a cage, this rage toward White Fang, so soon this could not have another feeling that Smith hate the Beautiful. Smith organized fights in which White Fang will take part, his first fight was with a Mastiff, who won easily. Smith was making money quickly. A month later they went to where he exhibited Dawston in exchange for some coins, and suddenly came the fights, which knew no defeat, there was no dog to tear down White Fang, as this had a great balance. In Dawston no one wanted to start a fight with White Fang because it was synonymous with defeat, but one day the city became a professional player named Tim Keenan, who brought got a Bulldog.
Chapter 18
They dropped the chains with which they endured the two dogs, White Fang had never seen a dog like that, it was tiny and quite large jaws. He started the fight
White Fang struck with a quick motion tearing the ear of his opponent, but the Bull-dog did not seem to have felt anything. White Fang continued to attack, but in an unguarded moment that he lost his balance and fell down, the Bull-dog, take this opportunity to jump into the neck of his opponent. White Fang looked as if he had lost consciousness, began to spin like a madman until he fell exhausted, when all seemed lost, two men arrived on sleds, called Scott and Matt, Scott stopped the fight and bought a Smith White Fang Beautiful.
Chapter 19
Scott and Matt were on the stairs, seeing White Fang growling dogs pulling sleds. Scott said it best to release him, but Matt did not believe that, but said it was a tame wolf.
Matt Scott released him and gave him a piece of meat. White Fang walked away from a dog named Major, it came to take the meat and White Fang neck ripped wounding him in death. Scott pulled his gun to kill him, but Matt asked for mercy, then and said that if he returned to tacar that would kill it. Scott and White Fang stroked him tore his hand. Then Matt took the rifle to kill him, but Scott said no, that would be a shame to waste a dog so smart.
Chapter 20
At the approach of Weedon Scott, White Fang bristled and snarled, Scott has started quietly hablarel. White Fang was experiencing a new sensation that never had before, he seemed to like, then Scott moved to caress the ears, the change experienced by White Fang inside was tremendous, Smith had now forgotten and the Fair and had as Otter Gray Scott god.
Came the day in which White Fang had to pull the sled, not long in taking the lead sled. Scott tube to be away from home for a while, White Fang became so depressed by the absence of his god he was about to die ill, Scott White Fang again recovered. Overnight White Fang heard growling and then growl, to go and look what happened the Fair saw Smith lying on the floor with his arm broken and a chain on hand to try to rob White Fang.
Chapter 21
White Fang again felt his master to leave, while Scott and Matt to decide whether or not to take White Fang's trip to California at the end of a long talk and decided not to take it locked themselves inside. And when Scott was embarking on the boat is White Fang, Matt tried to stop to take home but did not give the dog had some injuries and had gone through the window to escape, but eventually Scott took him to California.
Chapter 22
Upon landing White Fang was awed by what they could do White men to White Fang noise there was in that city was hell, the day after Scott and White Fang went by train, White Fang was surprised how he had changed the landscape as fast, dropping some men found those who kept their love to hug and a dog named Collie, which did not stop to make life impossible, White Fang ran after the car he was about his master, at the way he met a greyhound named Dick who almost killed if not for his master.
Then they put him at home and shut up
Chapter 23
White Fang was increasingly integrated into the family, which continued Collie bane of my life, people knew what that house was vital to his master, so he respected them and loved them.
One day White Fang ate a chick he had on the farm, but one employee saw him and hit him with the whip, White Fang struck him and tore his arm, suddenly appeared and calmed Scott White Fang. By nightfall White Fang went into the yard of the chickens and killed the day after Scott gave him a good scolding, that were like the beating that went to the heart and it hurt his feelings, so White Fang Lesson learned: he had to kill the pets. Judge Scott not convinced that there were re-produce this, made a bet with Scott, who was to leave White Fang roost, and that on reaching the twilight had not killed any hen, after a long day followed hens intact.
Chapter 24
White Fang was feeling better than ever, but it bothered the heat of the southern lands. Collie continued to be a martyr for White Fang, even though it all went well, no longer even bothered to laugh at him. White Fang, twice found something new in it, now was barking. The first time was a day when Scott was trying to train a horse who could close the shutters, but this was refused, so he barked White Fang was the first time he did. The horse jumped and brought down to Scott, with such bad luck that broke his leg. Scott had White Fang to for help, to get to the front porch done the whole family, gave a second bark, the family followed, and thanks to that managed to save Scott.
Collie will no longer bite or attack him, but showed playful, White Fang also went along, so throughout the day ran together through fields and forests
Chapter 25
Jim Hall was an escaped convict, was a lonely and away from society, since that had modeled itself in a cruel and merciless. This prisoner was unjustly imprisoned by Judge Scott, and now he intended to kill him. He was scared the whole family, and just in case, let White Fang inside the house.
Jim had come to the house and was going to kill the judge Scott. But when she went upstairs to the bedroom, White Fang fell upon him. The fight was intense and lasting. He finished dead Jim White Fang and half dead. They called the best doctors to cure White Fang. After a few months when he was healed and returned to the barn is surrounded by Collie puppies. White Fang was a father and with the happiness that surrounded him dozed in the sun.
2 - Main Characters
White Fang
White Fang when he was born was very different from his brothers and sisters.
He was the one who resembled his father, had gray hair. He was of the genuine race of wolves. He was the most mischievous of the brothers, was the first puppy that went outside. The first time I felt pain was when the hit Kiche by going outside. When there was a scarcity of food, White Fang was the only pup that survived. Then came more often and every time new sensations felt like fall, the hunt, that he found it very easy at first, but to deal with the weasel, changed everything. The name White Fang Otter Gray put it, because his very white teeth. When he saw the dogs thought they were of their race and being a dog attacked them. The changes which have occurred were many. Beginning with the freedom to change life for the man. If Bocas not been brought into White Fang's life, this, small have played with other dogs and would have adapted to a normal life. But the intervention was a change of Bocasor in his life thanks to Bocas succeeded in developing a sense of cleverness that was very valuable in later life. White Fang was witty and bad. Developed an evil, a rabies to humans, an aggressiveness, which could only be reflected in dogs, because he treated humans as gods, which dominates everything. This evil and aggression was further reflected in Smith's beautiful. At this stage, White Fang became more aggressive than anything. It was a killing machine for their wolf instincts and the speed and dexterity of his acts, Bocas, the cruelty of Smith to make a big way. Only served to kill, until he found Scott, and that changed his life. For the first time found love and learned to laugh, to hug, when his master was sick, he. He came to the farm, where he met Collie, with whom he had children.
Scott Weedom
It was the best engineer of mines in the world. Went
he who stopped the fight with a bulldog, that White Fang would not die. It's a tall young man and always shaved, so you could see the reddish skin. When he got to hit two punch fight Smith and bought the beautiful White Fang. Scott had two children and a woman, but more importantly he wanted to White Fang. At first he wanted to kill a wolf because it was untamed, but Mat got to reason, then it was he who would not kill him.
He gained confidence Fang, giving flesh instead of a beating, because he had bitten. Finally got tamed.
He has a farm in California. He did not wanted to take White Fang because he would be killed there, but decided to jump into the boat itself. He played with White Fang and he loved him. White Fang taught what love was.
Smith the Fair
Was essentially ugly, stunted body
, Had a small head that ended in a point like a pear. Before you call him by the nickname he was called Smith the Fair Pera. His eyes were so great that a medium could be another couple, nature had given him a lower jaw and large dimensions. It was one of the men of men more whiners and cowards throughout the region, his teeth were long and yellow. His hair was sparse and growth. In a word Smith the Fair was a monstrosity.
White Fang hated him, it always beat him and treated him very badly, had taught him to fight and kill in illegal fights did. Beautiful Smith won a large sum of money from the fights. He was a cruel and ruthless in which evil had feelings like greed. Even after trying to rob White Fang.
3 - Minor Characters
Bill: It's a human who ate Kiche that his mission was to carry a coffin.
Henry: This is the companion Bill, it was eaten by wolves because humans came.
Speed: Dog killed by Henry and Bill Kiche.
Gordito: Dog killed by Henry and Bill Kiche.
Rana: Dog Bill and killed by Kiche Henry was the strongest.
An ear dog Bill and Henry who was murdered by Kiche.
Youth Leader: It was a loboque competed with others for getting Kiche.
One Eye: The White Fang's father fed him when he was a puppy. It was wolf
Wolverine: I was a puppy he was killed for trying to seduce Kiche.
Otter Gray: A dark-skinned Indian gripped Kiche and White Fang's brother because he owned Kiche, he's dead.
Language of Salmon: Indian Otter accompanying Gray.
Three Eagles: Kiche Indian who possessed the last time.
Alfred Lord: Person who had to carry a coffin to the fort.
Lynx: Lynx was a female that killed Kiche Eye and fought and died.
Klu-kuch: Female Otter Gray
Mit-sah: Son of Otter Gray:
Baseek: old dog White Fang to win in a fight.
Bocas: Dog that makes life miserable for White Fang and that makes him so aggressive.
Kiche: She was the mother of White Fang, earlier had been a dog until he went to live with wolves, had a reddish coat.
Cheeroke: bulldog dog breed, he did not kill White Fang miracle.
Tim Keenan: A professional gambler Cheeroke owner.
Matt: A friend and worker Scott, who was in charge of White Fang.
Alicia Weedom Wife of Scott.
Elizabeth and Mary: Sisters of Weedom Scott.
Mayor: Scott sled dog.
Collie: California Bitch tried to kill White Fang and had children with White Fang
Dick: Galgo who wanted to make friends with White Fang.
Jim Hall: A murderer who kills almost White Fang and wanted to kill judge

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