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1.The major artistic and literary movements of the Renaissance are modern ledat (s XV and XVI), Baroque (sXVLL), the illustration and neoclasicisme (sXVIII)
2. The renaixemnet intended to recover the ideals of classical culture grecolatina.
Baroque is characterized by lartifici lornamentacio.La illustration and appreciates the things in the light of rao.El neoclasscime recover the classical model
3.The most prominent Catalan writers of the modern age are Seraph Peter and FRramcesc Vicente Garcia (poet), Christopher Despuig (writer) and Juan Ramis (playwright)
4. Popular literature (is that QE is oral, author unknown, is transmitted from father to son), had a great vitality in the old folk songs with songs moderna.El legendary cnaçons love, songs of thieves and bandits, religious songs, etc.. The religious drama (cycles: Christmas, Easter, Marian, saint has a didactic purpose (passion, the life of St) and the theater is profane in nature humoristic (farces and comic sketches.)
1. The romaticisme profoundly changed the way dentendre the world and understand the art abandoned the classical models and looking for new ways dexpresio artistica.
2. Lestetica romantic BASD in lexaltacio sensitivity rating of individual imagination and freedom credora, lartistica to demonstrate their inner world to create a unique and original work.
3. the recovery of Catalan as the language of culture and literary culture Sinica nineteenth am moving from the Renaissance, they influenced by romaticisme recovered literature history and traditions of the Catalan ncaio.

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