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process of communication: communication elements: transmitter (encoding and sending the SMS, takes the initiative, code (set of signs and rules), receiver (receives the sms's (which sends the SMS), SMS, channel (spoken or writing).

d lemissor functions: emotional (feeling of pain, joy, FÃsica, ECS, ush,) conativa (imperative cridantlo), Amanda Tapping (communicative act, hello, you hear?), aesthetics (part sms Mon little rain, but. .) reference (l referenet is communicative intention in H2O), metalingustica (mezzanine leads the way eccent)

Channel: visual codes (written language, gestures, signals traffic ..), acoustic codes (speaking, whistle), tactile codes (fondling, blind alphabet), codes olfatius (smells animal glands)

x costruir sms signs: meaning: (a concept to reality), meaning: (perceptible evokes the meaning) are arbitrary relationship, such as false friends, who have equivocal.

dictics: linguistic elements asseyalen circumstances or people around, one time event. Personals (signal receiver. Ponoms, possesius, tense), spatial (where s occurs (here, that, that), temporal (time of communication, now the day after).

Dixi studied the x l language pragmatics analyzes the communicative situation.

discursive context: lingustics k elements surrounding the text before and after NL.

llengautge nonverbal: sgnes paralingustics: phonic (vocalizations, ehem, umm, has accompanied the tone) is not phonic (cinesics signs, looks, gestures, movements ..)

proxemica: You make it ls n lespai partners.

relations significance / meaning:

Pronunciation: (semantic opposition), synonyms (same meaning), polysemy (same x sinificats similar meaning, mouse), hyperonymic (smantica relationship, vehicle (car, bus, train ..), homonymy (significant graphics and sound different meaning ( vb hard drive adj), homophony (phonetic identity, search, certain) homograph (graphic identity, his, her) paronímia (similarity between shapes, Emil, Amelia)

textual properties: adequate (Account No items have situational receiver end, channel ..; have corrsponent registration; communicative situation dun textual genre, letter, advertisement, ..) consistent (had issue rellevan necessary information, well organized, logical sequence without contradictions) choesionament (DLS regarding maintenance: Mon word repetition, Ellipso, synonyms, pronouns, definitzacio you sign punctuation, verb agreement, has connectors dhaver Connexio text text text relating x: lingustica fairness: (incoorecions and respect the rules of vulgarism, barbarisms. Errors: morphological: gender number verb form, syntactic: word order, lexical: malformed castellanismes words, semantics: sihnificat give misleading, prosodic, word pronunciation DLS, ortrografics; comfondre spelling. and make a good style.

diciplines: pragmatic, textual semantics, textual grammar, rules.

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