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Troubadour lyric of Catalan territory was conrreada language Provençal (Occitan). Language poetry until the fifteenth century. Causes: prestige and success you achieve troubadour poetry throughout Western Europe and even Palestine. Afovrir was geographical proximity, cultural policies and economic relations between the Occitan and Catalan counties. Similarities between the Catalan and Occitan favored rating Use of the latter by Trovador Catalans. Feudal Poetry: Thematic culture and secular: he spoke of love, war, the joys and sorrows of the people of that era. Reflected the ideals of feudal society: love and war. Courtly love: romantic ideology term denoting characteristic of troubadour poetry. The troubadour moved to land loving relationships governing vassalage feudalism: the elm became a lover of the lady he loved, called starches. The noble lady should be married.Diff. Mr / Feudal: You have a social situation clearly superior to that of the vassal pays homage (AC) The lady, starches, is being a good Exel: beautiful, good and poderosa.És a married woman, with legal rights. Vassal ( then) swears allegiance to his lord, who will defend with arms if necessary. Depends entirely on his kindness. (AC) troubadour takes a supplicating attitude towards the lady, who honored through poetry. Requests his gifts. Secun Gilós Personality: Husband of the lady when they accept or not allowed the courtesy between his wife and the troubadour. Lausengiers or maldizants: adiladors are spies or enemies of the troubadour, who interpose between the two making love to her husband know the game exitència gels. Troubadour: Author of poems occitana.Podia musical language belonged to the upper class (noble kings) or low. In the latter case became professionals and lived in this art. The nobility consisted ca'çons pleasure for them as they found was a recreation.Jester: recited in public poems composed by troubadours. Low social class and are professionally engaged. Also dancing, juggling or were led pets. The specialize in the recitation of poetry and lyrical troubadour s'anomenvaen minstrels entaven serving one or several troubadours. The feat of epic recited sing.

Art for 3 different styles: Finding Leu (epressió simple and available to the audience), find Clusia (expessió closed, difficult to understand, find rich (refined expression). Troubadours should conform to the perception (and formal theme). this component in order to please an audience that asked about topics already known. They wanted to achieve an aesthetic effect and did not want to be original when communicating. Canción:Subgenus subtle and poetic language that denotes praise a lady following Paute of courtly love. Each song requires a melody of its own, appropriate to the feelings of the bard. 5 to 7 couplets extension. Pastorela: Presents a dialogue between a knight and a shepherdess trying enmorar. Composition trying enmorar dialogue reflects the respective forms of talk and the lady of the knight, with a wit that makes carecteritzada out what the situation is. Alba: Sing the arrival day and the sadness of enmorats that passing Depr the night they'll leave together because they do not separate Discovered. Planh: Composition in which the troubadour laments the death s'algun character. Included praise of the deceased, prayers for his soul and praise the successor. Tenco: Debate or argument between two troubadours who advocate different opinions on matters amorous, literary or moral policies.Wilhelm Berguedà: one of the great troubadours of the twelfth century. He was a man, and haughty and cynical and devergonyit She was very immersed in conflict. He went to southern France in contact with other troubadours. His style depending on the genre: Sirenteson personal: It fully demonstrates abusive, rude and rebellious love songs: courtly style entirely, and claiming sbumís to the lady who spends delicate verses. Cycles: Against Peter Berga: ridiculed, showing enmorat be his wife. Against the Bishop of Urgell: it appears transparent with a language, the author tarannpa violent. Mataplana of Pontius Against: which dismisses the petty, but when this traitor or coward dies, he writes a cry on the praises, which has lied and has recognized that malparlat, ilamenta not hav' it could help. Besalú Ramon Vidal: Troubadour of the second half of the twelfth century . It is known for the novel The versificada caste gilós, but especially for a treaty that esciví troubadour poetry, Blind Guardian The finding, first

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