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Lexeme: part invariable word. prefix (front), Infix (middle) and xufix (rear).
DERIVATIVES TRAINING: aThe moved, + / - letters, spelling changes. Demonym: ke words indicate origin.
Verb: speech more variable. structure:
Lexeme (meaning) and gramatical morphemes (congugació indicates the person / number / time / mood / aspect) conjugations: 1st-3rd 2na-ER/RE AR-IR
VERBS 3rd conjugation:
Pure: how to combine SLEEP.
INCOATIUS: spouses serve as Axis.
Properties of verbs: person and number.
Impersonal forms (no person present) (infinitive, gerund and participle)
TIME: Present / Past / Future.
MODE: Indicative / Subjunctive / Imperative.
The look: Perfect: Action completed. Imperfect: action process.
VOICE: underlying relationship. and predicate.
Active: interest in the subject of the action.
Passive voice: interest in the outcome of the action. (The agents arrested a... / The ... .... they are arrested) DERIVATIVES: words formed by a root and an affix. Suffixes: office, instruments or objects, places or establishments, collective, noble names, trees / plants.

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