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-liberalism: against clero. Individualismo. Defiende individual thinking, iniciativa priv. John Locke.

-burguesy: banqueros, abogados, prestamistas. Clase acomodada. Starts finales edad media.

-old régimen: sist. Politico. Absolutismo. Power centralizado on 1 person, no boundaries.

-despotismo illustrated: government sist. Starts as a way of self-defense against illustration.

-John Locke: precursor of liberalism. Fundamented on giving freedom to everyone on every way (economic, politic and social).

-principios of liberalism: personal and society freedom. Fight against the monopoly and state controllers. Not allowing the interference of the church or any religious group.

-consequences of liberalism: movements revol. And even anarquicos on europe and america. It made changes on the social structures of old regimen on europe. It brought the US independence (1777) and french revolution and american countries revolt.

-medidas reformistas: take power away from the church (on politics pov). Suprimir feudalism. Promote education so humans can think by themselves.

-why they didn't have exito? Bc hicieron reforms de parte del illustrated thinking that didn't change what they wanted to (dissolve monarchy and its principios). Reformas weren't taken w’ the people.

-why was liberalism adopted by the burgess? Bc they didn't want to keep the feudalism bc they had to pay a high tax % so they could optar army and politic charges to make all those changes.

-Industrial revol. (s. 18): started on england, also in canada as maquinismo. Based on incorporation of big machines in substitution of man’s hand, with the propose of aumentar the production.

-origins: influence of economic, politic and social factors. Finding of america, end of feudalism, politic strengthening of england.

consequences: aumento of commerce. Cities transformation. Conformation of sindicatos.

+illustration gave new ways of seeing the world and created doctrinas and new principios ideological and politic, that influenced on the changing of existencial order. Like politic facts, relevant se destacan en el auge del liberalism as an ideology and the absolutism crisis.

+s. 18= s. Of lights.

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