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The Incas

The Incas dominated the Andes and had created a great empire that included Present-day Ecuador. Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile, and Argentina. They built An extensive network of roads connecting all the territories in the empire.

•Society. The Incas had a hierarchical society. The emperor was both a Leader and a god. Under him were the nobles and priests, and then the common People who had to work the land and

pay taxes to the emperor. A certain number of days out of the year, men Were required to work for the state. This system was known as mita.

• Economy. The economy was based on agriculture and mainly on corn and Potatoes. They also domesticated animals for their meat and skin. They created Elaborate pottery, textiles, and metal objects of gold and copper.

• Religion. It was polytheistic. Besides Inti, the Sun god, their main Deity was Viracocha.

• Culture. They had large stone cities, beautiful temples, an advanced Government, a detailed tax system, and an intricate road system.

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