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12.1La formation of a society clases.12.2. Agriculturacuatro changes in types of measures: 1) Freedom of contract farming and 2) Elimination of the manorial system 3) Measures against primogeniture 4) Confiscation 12.1. The formation of a society clasesConsecuencias of land reform - The ownership structure became fully capitalist. - The operation was still mostly in estates belonging to lanobleza, bourgeois landowners and large tenants. There was a concentration of ownership in fewer hands dela - Loss of economic power of the clergy and maintenance of economic and social power of the nobility .- Growth of a class of absentee landowners in nature, a rural bourgeoisie. - Plunder of small farmers and increasing rents for tenants. - Worsening conditions of the rural proletariat, which lost the enjoyment commons models. The number of wage increase, both by population growth, as peasants were left without contracts or land. The evolution of agriculture begins with a strong depression Laguerre against Napoleon and the loss of the colonies. Dereforma process occurs, which coincides with a time of strong demand and market training interno.Esto causes increased arable land, grain inside, while in the periphery, leaving the cereal and specialize in vine citrus, nuts, aceite.Hay agricultural modernization and specialization beneficios.En looking For crops, corn and potato spread, vines and olive trees grow and fruit crops. Cereal crop remains the majority, increasing barley and oats. Livestock was damaged. Grew only mules which replaced the oxen in agricultural work.

12.3. As industrialization Jordi Nadal Spain had in the S. XIX good condition for the industrialization process. Its failure is due to the lack of an agrarian revolution to liberate the necessary manpower for the industry and creates a demand for industrial goods, an inefficient state is in debt, control of the mines by foreign capital, mainly foreign investment on the railroad, mining and services and investments are directed to the Spanish public debt rather than productive investment for Ramón Garrabou stagnation there and the delay would not be exclusive of agriculture, but the whole production system. The cause of failure would be a vicious circle of underdevelopment González Portilla is on how to perform the seizure's cause: the accumulated land in few hands and therefore does not expand the market, investments are directed to acquire land and debt instead of going to industry. The reality is that three civil wars bled the country and destroyed its economy, the loss of empire deprived of an important market and financial resources to the absolutist state and the reactions of Ferdinand VII, they lost to Spain the time of the industrialization on the other Europe and created dependence on rich countriesTextiles Iron Mining Railways 12.4. The labor movement. The First International in Spain

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