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Because they benefited from the conflict by supplying food, arms and industrial goods to the Allies, and because it was the biggest creditor in the world/New forms of mass entertainment, clothes fashions that were more laid-black and fun and innovative musical trends, it became a model for the world/Its agriculture and industry were in a terrible state, there was high unemployment, rising prices and the war loans had to be repaid/A general econmic recession cause by the fast spread of the crisis cause compsumption fell and many factories closed down and also many families were reduced to poverty/That the New York Stock Exchange came under severe pressure as everybody rushed to sell their shares, but nobody rushed to buy them so this caused a sharp fall in share prices, which resulted in the stock market crush/Due to overproduction and to stock market speculation/Public invesment to provide employment. Increased wages to boost compsumption, etc/More than 700000 dead, the nation's industry virtually destroyed, massive foreign debt and rising inflation, the cost of living rose, wages fell and employment increase/No political party was able to win a sufficient majority, with the result that there were five different governments/Political parties were banned, their leaders persecuted, strikes were prohibited and unions were dissolve. Elections were abolished and the parliament was replaced by the Chamber of Fasci and Corporations/The state established strict control over society, especially through the media. The party controlled the economy, adopting an autarkic economic policy to make Italy self-sufficient/The raised arm salute was also used in ancient Rome/After Germany was defeat in the First World War, Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and the Weimar Republic was proclaimed/He didn't believe in democracy he believed in promoting anti-seminism, the superiority of the Aryan race and the need to unite all German-speaking people within a great empire, the Reich/A government was formed consisting of a coalition of three pro-democracy parties. The war debt and the strict peace conditions of the Treaty of Versailles caused a economic crisis, poberty and unemployment/The conservatives put pressure on Hidenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor of Germany and Hitler called new elections in March 1933 Hitler declared a state of emergency, persecuted his opponents and cut back on civil liberties. After the death of Hidenberg, Hitler was proclaimed Fuhrer and Chancellor of the Third Reich/It was a dictatorship where all the political parties and unions were banned, Germany became a political state because the parliament was closed and elections were eliminated/Because anyone who didn't support the Nazis were persecuted by the police and many enemies were imprisioned/By the idea of the superiority of the Aryan race and the ideology of national socialism, women role was 'Three k's: kinder, kirche, kuche (children, church and kitchen) for indoctrinate young people/Did not know what to do to stop the progress of these authoritarian regimes/

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