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bricks:emerging countries brazil,russia,india,china,south africa. Aren´t a district group all of them have a rapidly growing economy and are becomig more important

renewable reasources
together with inexhaustible resources are fundamental because their existence and renewal depend on rational use(land,forest)
non-renewable resources
industrial and economic development a high gloval population and a lifestyle based on consumerism all rely on large amounts of non-renewable resources(hydrocarbons.Mining resources)
the destriction of soil leads to desertifications. Its happens before a fire, a tree out or in a overexploited agricultural land. In any of these cases the vegetation is eliminated. Therefore the soil isn´t protected against the erosion produced by rain.The soil is eroded by water and the land can´t support vegetal life in the future
pollution and overexplotation of aquifers use of this resource are serious dangers due to its consumption in developed countries.The availability of drinquing water for people and animals does not depend on the country being dry or wet, its level of development. There are countries that hace the greastest amount of rainfall due to the equatorial climate but they don´t have sewewage system or a water distribution network

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