Cell phones in our life

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Life was much easier and less stressful, before mobile phones were Invented

In my opinion life Was easier before the invention of mobile phones because we had more freedom of Speaking with our friends at home or at the job.

Having a mobile phone nowadays is at the same time worrying and disgusting because We sometimes can be dependable of it.

There are a lot of advantages in having a mobile phone such as, when we needtocall someone in an urgent Way, when an accident happens, when we need some help in the streets or in a Railroad, but I think we sometimes abuse of the use of this tool, and sometimes It can be very dangerous for our health.

The disadvantages of it is that it can cause a lot of damages in our health Such as our nervous system and according to some researches it can explode in Our hands or in a petrol gas. Some articlesadviseus that when we put The mobile to recharge we shouldn't receive any calls without turning it off The electricity. It was showed a lot of accidents that happened with a lot of Peopleworldwide.

Finally, I think the best thing to do is having in our minds the importance That mobile phones can have in our lives and to look for the information that Can help usavoidthe dangers that it Can cause and the effects that it can bring to our lives.

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