The first cells are related to evolution because

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        Transgenic vaccines ->Are vaccines in which an extracted gene from an Organism, is introducced in a unicelular’sgenetic code (a bacteria or yeast), to produce a certain protein (the One of the extracted gene) and to multiply that bacteria and production of the Protein in bigger quantities.That protein is the one able to produce the Weaken protein of the membrane of the virus

b.Steps of production ->The gene is extracted from the organism, and Introduced in the seed of the plant, meaning it’s introduced inside the first genetic information of the plant. Then you need to plant the seed and have the Production of the protein

c.Advantange of transgenic vaccines by Yeasts over injured viruses ->They move the economy of medicines, since they Are costfull, so that amount of money is moved

d.Advantage of edible vaccines->They could inmunice people of poor areas of the World, but also since needles are used with many people, so contagions took Place

T     Treating of a disease by the lack of A certain biological substance caused by a defective gene. Mention two options And comment the role of biotechnology in each case

Gene Therapy-> Viruses are weakened, the gene with the protein is introduced and With that, the virus attack the affected cells

Therapeutical Treatment -> By stracting the DNA of a somatic cell and introducing it in an Egg, an exact copy of the individual is done, meaning no rejection. This Cultive produce Totipotent cells (not specialized, but become a member), so They are transformed into pluripotent ones, to made a copy of an organ or a Tissue.

Look and answer

Convergent or divergent evolution. Justify -

  Connvergent evolution, since both have the same Bone, but according to the function, It’s more present or not

b.Homologous or analogous organ. Justify ->

Homologous organ, because they have the same Structure, development and come from the same ancestor

c.Look for a convergent evolution for adaptation In a similar environment ->

Birds come from other family than the Bat, but As they use wings, they are both convergent evolutions

5)Answer briefly

a.Difference of first heterotrophic With the actual ones ->

The first heterotrophic were anaerobic, meaning They don’t use Oxygen. However, the actual ones use it for cell respiration

b.Process in which the atmosphere Became rich in Oxygen ->

·Anaerobic Heterotrophic feed on organic matter of the primeval soup

·As O.M. Became scarce, they became autotrophic, becoming dominant

·Development Of photosynthesis, releasing Oxygen

c.First autoreplicative genetic Molecule. Jusfify ->

Ribozymes, ARN molecules that regulates their Own synthesis and stores genetic information

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