Ceremonial Bishops

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Ceremonial of Bishops: A bishop goes to receive if they attend a liturgical act the head of state, kings or heads of govt. If Catholic will offer holy water, greet him and putting his left. accompanies him to the place reserved. If you attend other representatives of the gob. they receive an ecclesiastical reputed, the bishop may greet when entering or returning to the sacristy. Incensiación particularized with 3 pulses incensiario the authority which has come to office after the bishop. Before communion when the entire congregation shares the peace, deacon or one of the cocelebrantes goes to meet the head of govt and gives peace according to the customs. Form of incense: before and after incense nods deep to the person or object that is incensed. With 3 mov.dobles Blessed Sacrament (kneeling) relic of St. Cross, offerings Evangelicals, paschal candle, the bishop celebrant (in place and without Mitra) civil authority present and deceased body .With 2 mov.dobles: relics and images of saints exposed xa veneration.
Church-State Relations: based on: Modus vivendi: agreements made with non-Catholics generally gob xa solve conflicts in relations between the two powers, such as sending missionaries, bishops ... appointment as the first step is signing a definitive agreement xa. Concordats : agreements that determine the relationship between civil and religious powers in matters relating to both. usually have a duration of 3 years.

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