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When Cervantes Cervantes writes, the most urgent problem that has raised the novel is to overcome the opposition between fantasy and reality as literary categories. The novel was written (books of chivalry, pastoral ...) was based on the recreation of the fantastic and improbable. Cervantes's great contribution will be to break the opposition between reality and fantasy and achieve full autonomy to the fictional world. It is fantastic and the real will and categories that do not rely on pure objective reality, but the consistency that you create the new "reality novel. The dichotomy that Cervantes is now established and fiction and reality, but the life and paintings literatura.Los popular appetizers are brief written mostly in prose. Together constitute a small repertoire of masterpieces credited to Cervantes as the best appetizers. The top two areThe altarpiece of the wonders and keeps careful. The first is an acute satire comic with great force against social hypocrisy. The theme of the betrayed husband also speak Cave of Salamanca and the old jealous. "Also: The judge in divorce, the election of the mayors of Daganzo, The ruffian widower and El Vizcaino feigned (lowest interest). The starters have Cervantes been admired without hesitation, always. Its quality is based on the double play of fantasy and reality, as Cervantes. Made to laugh, handle major assumptions of contemporary society, laughing softly, with a final taste of bitterness and disappointment. There were never represented. form, responds Cervantes's interlude with some rigor to the current model. Destined to be represented among the major comedy acts, consisting of a single act. The characters, the usual starter, are enshrined types: the ailing old, grumpy, jealous, the ruffian, the sanctimonious, the braggart soldier, the Vizcaya, and so on. That is, the public, the first crossword at the scene, knows what it knows what to expect.

The social environment is reflected in open and tight dialogue. Reality mingles courtesan of cultism, Latin phrases and literary memories to tie in with momentary formations or proverbial phrases, proverbs, etc.. The prevarication or the archaic language arise in the mouth of rustic, in turn, is seduced by the wonder of the above words, words to the Latin or legal. Another success of Cervantes, are the names he gives his little character. The appetizers Cervantes, published in 1615, have three alternatives that year, with minor differences. There were re-edit until the middle of the eighteenth century. "Starters"
Antipasto of
Cueva de Salamanca
Antipasto of
ELECTION OF MAYORS the Entremés DAGANZOAntipasto carefully put the Judge of Divorces Entremés the altarpiece of the RUFIÁN Entremés WONDERLAND widow named TRAMPAGOS Antipasto Antipasto the old jealousy of VIZCAÍNO FINGIDO

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