Changing electric field creates a magnetic field and vice versa

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Applications of Jule effect: Electric thermostat, used to open or close an electric circuit depending on the temperature. It resistance changes as temperature does, operating as a switch.Heaters: devices use to heat bases on the Joule effect of the resistances. Fuse: COmponent of a circuit that it is fubsible. It is placed in the circuit to prevent the high increases of intensity fusing itself and shutting of the current.Chemical effect: An electric current can generate a type of chemical reacion called electrolysis. A chemical compound, usually in a solution, is descomposed by a direct current. This compound is dissociated in cations and anios, irst ones are attracted by the anode, and the others by cathode, forming chemical compounds.Magnetic effect: An electric current generatesa magnetic field, and a variable magnetic field generates an electric current. These transformations have a lot of applications in our life; Speakers; headphones, microphones

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