Chapter,Mr Darcy and Elizabeth

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Chapter 9: 1)Because Elizabeth thought he was arrogant and conceited but she was a shy Young girl.2)The Gardiners found that Wickham had not acted with integrity at Pemberley, he owed a lot of money people and Darcy pay their debts for him and were glad that not degas with Elizabeth.3)Because Carolina is jealous of Elizabeth because she knows that she asked married.4)Caroline said to Darcy “I think that Elizabeth has become uglier”. And Darcy said angrily “she is the most beutiful woman” and he left the room.Chapter10:1)She had discovered the truth abaut Lydia and Wickham who had escaped and were getting married. 2)Because she not had told everybody the turth about Wickham after I heard it from you. 3)Because he had made a mistake for not tried to pesuade not to let Lydia go to Brighton alone. 4)That must agree to give him a Certain amount of money immediately sum of money and another every month. Chapter 11: 1)Mr bennet its agree with Lydia’s marriage. Yes,because otherwise her daughter would be dishonored. 2)Because she arrives was as noisy and wild as always.3)Mr Darcy pay all of Wickham’s debts 2.Mr Darcy also a large amount every year. 3.Mr Darcy also find him a new position in the army. 4) help for her because he loved her.5)Because he believe that Darcy Remained the same arrogant insulted to Elizabeth.Chapter 121)Because Mr Bennet was delighted because her dreams of another married daughter were coming true.

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