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Commander: The rancorous history because not only betrays the people of Fuenteovejuna but also to the Catholic Monarchs.
Flowers: The boy is the commander who mercilessly and gives you more than two thousand lashes Mengo when taken prisoner.
Ortuño: It is the servant of Don Fernan Gomez de Guzman is a very obedient to his master but rather indifferent to others.
Master of Calatrava: The Young Master of Calatrava, who is left badly advised by the commander and ultimately I believe, to learn the lesson, not listening to people like that.
Mengo: It Fuenteovejuna dweller and is plagued by Flowers by orders of the commander and those who have the initiative to go tacarlos.
Barrildo: He is originally from Fuenteovejuna is illustrated and has a good relationship with the lawyer Leonel.
Lush: A brave Fuenteovejuna and is also engaged to Laurencia, and who I think that ultimately killed the commander.
Juan Rojo: Laurencia's the uncle, brother of Stephen, is one that will attack the finances of the commander.
Esteban, mayor: The mayor and is also Fuenteovejuna Laurencia's father, and supports people when they want to go to attack the house of Don Fernan Gomez de Guzman.
King Ferdinand: The King of Aragon, is also the husband of Isabella, is betrayed by the commander but ultimately sent to a judge to find out who killed the commander.
Judge: It is sent by King Ferdinand and Isabella to discover who killed Don Fernan Gomez de Guzman, but nobody would say who was the murderer.
Laurencia: the protagonist of the play, she xk ls COVENCO to Fuenteovejuna inhabitants' of not being umilladoss x kien I steal your pro, ETID Lush.
Paschal is a friend and tb d Laurencia is beset x El Comendador.
Ms Queen Elizabeth: the Queen of Castile, is reflective as I + k Fernado and k that realizes the commander is not good persaona.
Jacinta is confident of Laurencia tb but she is defended x Mengo the evil commander.

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