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 “Not only will atomic power be released, but Someday we will harness the rise and fall of the tides and imprison the rays of The sun.”  - Thomas Edison (Edison, 2014)

A quote from Thomas Edison an Environmentalist, who focused on comparing energy with environment. He outlines That different types of power will be extracted. People will want to raise to the Top trying different technologies. But due to scarcity of these fossil fuel, There will be a fall. By imprisoning the sun, Thomas says that it will be too Late and the sun rays will just be like a jail of no use.
There is going to be an energy crisis in tomorrow as the world’s reserve for Fossil fuel is diminishing day by day. Energy in terms of electrical is one of The biggest source of carbon dioxide. This effects the world as a whole while Considering environmental effects to climate change. Solar energy which is a Renewable source, can be used as a consumption of energy. This source is Sustainable and can reduce the amount of carbon which is currently being Emitted. There will be a need to implement this new electrical system because The current market wouldn’t be able to handle this change. Being said that, you Cannot all of a sudden just shift into solar energy. The policy will be set by Legislations to implement this technology as it requires support from all Regulations. This ties under the Canadian emissions regulation to stop the Carbon emissions being produced.

Solar panel is a technological solution Which is a redemptive technology; contributes to sustainable use of resources With ecosystem approach to environmental management; and finally that Contributes to social well-being as a plus to the GPI. Solar panels follow the Process of Photovoltaic. In this process, there is a conversion of solar energy Into electricity. Also, these solar panels will be installed in residential Houses while also incorporating at buildings, business and so on. In order to Incorporate this into the world, you also have to install batteries. The solar Panels can be installed on roofs, ground and wired together in form of array to Provide different amount energy. The energy can range from mere wats to mega Wats.

Firstly, Solar panel help achieve Sustainable development because it contributes to the social well-being outlining In universal metrics measures such as GPI. GPI focuses on two important task. One of them being, to measure the consumption in a way to provide better Approximation of well-being than rather be just marketing goods. Second one Being, to account for sustainability by incorporating changes in the value of Capital stocks (welfare). A country needs to account for the maintenance of Solar panel in future. This is possible to project the bare minimal cost Associated with it. Natural capital of solar panel, is the capital stock Associated with renewable and non-renewable sources which are used for Production. Also, the waste products need to dissolve in a way where there is No danger to humans. Solar panel uses renewable resource to produce Electricity.  It is important that solar Panels help human in their daily lives in order for it to be considered Sustainable technology. A video which was showed in class gave a very good Convincing example about this existing metrics system. It was highlighted that People live in nature and that social culture environment are one piece. We Look at our economy as a closed book. This GPI economy serves social goals, While human society encompass ecosystem. Solar panel help serve social Well-being because it saves customers money that they pay for electricity. Over The course of the year, customer save a lot on their electricity bill. This is Taken from (National Agriculture and Rural Development policy center). Also, One would feel good for using a system which is sustainable and green source of Energy. Solar energy is renewable and also in a very good form. The mean of Sustainable development is to meet the needs of present without compromising the Future. Ecological footprint measures human’s demand of earth ecosystem. There Is a demand for certain amount of electricity per household consumption. Since The current usage is nonrenewable resources such as coal. The land would not be Able to cover human’s demand in near future and therefore will have to switch To renewable resources as there only option. Solar panel uses renewable Resources and thereby decrease the footprint and decrease the consumption of Non-renewable resources. (eric article) The metrics if large scale of Environment degradation such as climate change (CO2) can be lowered with the Use of this technology. (Pentair, oct 2012) a trade Journal. Green GDP focus on How growth of economy affects the environment and not the social well-being. Whereas, The GPI focus on social, environmental, and economical factors all associated Together. The consumption of solar energy is benefiting both social and Environmental. The human attitude and values strictly rely on coal and fossils For their use (carbon emission  923 per Kwh international energy agency) international energy agency. Because of this Solar panel economies will be more towards a greener form of electricity and More jobs will be available. This will reduce the environmental risk and Ecological scarcities that aim for sustainable development without degrading Environment.

Secondly, solar energy is considered to Be a redemptive technology. The whole idea of redemptive technology is to “Need To break away from the technological mindset to focus on justice, fairness, and Equality in the global sense.” (Franklin, 125). This new redemptive technology Should be shaping a new social contract which one over comes disenfranchisement And considers everyone’s opinion. Solar Panel is a technology which will Replace existing form of non-renewable electricity production from coal and Etc. The three list is being followed while taking a look at solar energy. Technology is not neutral as it changes from Canada to middle east country. The Cultural context of solar usage at other countries varies. Solar panel is not Pre orderained. This being said it is not mandatory for us to use solar energy. It is a prescriptive technology where it divides the labour into steps and Worker specialization increases also known  As cultural expression. The efficiency of technology does not put a Social debt on individuals where they primary rely on this technology. While Solar energy is already put into this world, there has to be discussion about Having to implement it on every house as a must. The 7 point check list do Agree with solar panel. Solar panel does promote justice by increasing social Well-being from climate change which is caused because of coal. Solar panel Does restore reprocity by giving the same amount of electricity but dependent On sun rays. I believe should have a vary of both. Solar panel does show that The divisible environment is benefiting while companies that harvest coal is on A downside. But, staples theory tells us that we are so into it that we are Just bound to do it. Solar panel favour people over machine by its invention that Allows knowledgeable humans to make a product which is using renewable resource And provides electricity for humans. This way disaster is being minimized. Solar panel have a recycle waste production program which favour conservation Over waste chemicals. Any day can solar panels be reversed into a different Platform.   (suslick, volume 1 Earth Systems.)

Finally, solar panels follow the Ecosystem approach to resource planning and management. Knowledgeable Individuals have conducted extensive research in order to make something of This so renewable. Connectivity – this technology does not affect the Environment and benefits the human environmental relationships. Uncertainity is The risk associated with this system, evolution of environment, and not make Decision based on history. Bill Moyers video show how fossil fuel is a big Climate crisis and we are not sure when it will come. Need to consider Innovative technologies like solar energy to be certain of outcome. If not Certain than might lead to global warming. Stakeholders of Solar panel Companies made this product in a range to best interest of resource consumption Being renewable and way better than earlier system. The precautionary principle Helps eliminate risk. Solar panels do not pose any threaths to the environment, Except the chemical waste disposing. But a solution to that is have recycling Solar panels. (suslick, course)  In order For this to have stakeholders, government, consumers everyone need to be Equally part of the discussion of what is to be done in this world. Solar panel Is a technology which is in best interest for everyone. The stake holder need To monitor, look at ecological integrity of ecosystem, vunerability and Therefore minizing conflict and risk, redemptive technology. Also, Copehagen Accord is a target that is set and countries have to meet it about carbon. Currently, Ministry of ontario energy is focusing on Ontario long term energy plan and Says to eliminate coal usage by 2014. A decision is akey that has to be made. (ministry of ontario energy)

 In Conclusion, Solar panel as a technological solution to this depletion of Non-renewable resources. As highlighted by hoopwood that we need to combine Environmental and socio economic. We need stop letting the knowledge and Technology overcome natural environment with the use of coal. This capitalist Enconomy needs to be reconsider and proper decision have to be made on how to Implement solar energy. Solar panel will require batteries as a main storage. There Needs to be a policy framework which will highlight the usage of this solar Panel. And that need to go from techno centrism to eco centrism. More Environmentally friend. Overal this technology is good despite the battery Negative. 

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