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2a) Open systems can exchange both matter and energy with an outside system, the insulate system can exchange neither energy nor matter with an outside system.

2b) In defining a system and its surroundings, words like energy and matter are used very often , System is a chemical reaction, and surroundings are everything else like a reaction in the gas phase, the walls of the jar are the surroundings.  3) In order for a reaction to occur, reacting paricles such as atoms and molecules must collide with one another. When molecules collide and react, the collision turns into a chemical bond which is the activation energy, and when the temperature increases, the molecules move faster and collide much better. 4) t1/2 = 0.693/k = 0.693/2.2x10^5s-1 = 3.15x10^4

T/I 2) q_water= mct, = 500g x 4.18j x 3.5c, = 7.3kj, n=14.50/80.06 =0.181 mol, q_sol=nHsol, triangleHsol= qsol/n = 7.3kj/0.181mol = 40.5kj/mol

C1) Nature of reactants: are acid base reactants that exchange ions for fast reactions. Temp: the higher the temp is, the faster the reaction will be. (activation energy) Concentration: depends on the rate laws, Rate laws are expressions of rates in terms of concentration of reactants. Surface area: When the area of the solid phase is increased, reactants increase the number of collisions per second which increases the reaction rate.

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