Chemical oxygen generators are used to furnish oxygen to the

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carbohydrates- (sugars&starch). These r important for ENERGY for chemical reactions and heat. Sources includes pasta, rice , potatoes and bread

Protein- these r important for: growth and repair, enzymes, hormones, functioning immune system and energy. Sources include meat, pulses, fish, eggs and meats.
Fats(lipids)- these r important for: energy (as a store in the body), heat insulation  and protection(kidneys). source r daily products and fatty meats. Fats contain twice as much energy per gram than carbohydrates.
Roughage- this is a food that u cannot digest and so will pass through the alimentary canal, undigested and unabsorbed. This type of food allows for regular bowel movements to occur and prevents overeating. Sources r cereals , fruit and vegetables. If u dont take enough roughage u will suffer from constipation.
Water- this allows to reaction to occur and allows blood flow. Sources include drinks and wattery foods. If you dont take enough water u will suffer dehydration.
Vitamin C- this helps the formation of the conective tissue giving us strong supple skin. Sources: citrus fruits. Not enough vitain C in ur body will lead to the deficiency disease scurvy with symptoms of bleeding gums and joints
Vitamin D- helps the body to absorb calcium and in the formation of strong bones and teeth.Soyrces: milk and expousure of skin to the sun. Not enough vitamin D in the diet will lead to the deficiency disease rickets with suffers having bended limbs.
Mineral ion- this is used in the formation of haemoglobin in the red blood cells to carry oxygen. Sources: liver beans red meat cornflakes and other breakfast cereal. Not enough iron in the diet will lead to the dificiency disease anemia  with symptoms of tiredness, pale and low red blood cell count

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