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Photosynthesis occurs In which organelle? Please draw a Picture and explain the structure of this organelle.

Location: chloroplasts

Thylakoid A number of flattened (coin stacks) inside Chloroplast. Grana stacks of thylakoids, Stroma : the fluid that surrounds the grana

3 main pigments in Chloroplasts

Chlorophyll A

Blue Violet and red light

Participate Directly in light reactions

Chlorophyll B

blue orange

Participatein-directly in light reactions


blue green

responsible for yellow orange fall colors, Absorbs and dissipates excessive light energy that might damage Chlorophyll

Why do chloroplasts appear green? 

Because they absorb all colors except Green and that gets reflected to the observer

Why do leaves change colors in the fall?

Falling temperature causes a decrease In green chlorophyll and that allows the carotenoids to be seen

Please complete the following table of The reactants and products of the 2 Stages in photosynthesis

Stage 1 Light-dependent reactions

Location: Thylakoid Membrane

ReactantADP, NADP+, H2O, Light

Product:Oxygen, ATP, NADPH

Stage 2 Calvin Cycle

Location: stroma

Reactant CO2, ATP, NADPH

Product:3-PGA, G3P, carbohydrates (glucose), RuBP

Please fully explain how light reactions generate ATP and NADPH. Draw a diagram to help with your explanation.?

Light reactions convert solar energy to Chemical energy. They use light energy to drive the synthesis of two molecules: ATP and NADPH. This stage of photosynthesis does not produce sugar.

Please fully explain how the Calvin cycle produces sugar from C02. Draw a diagram to help with your explanation.?

The Calvin cycle makes sugar from Carbon dioxide. The ATP powers the sugar synthesis and the NADPH provides the High energy electrons for the reduction of carbon dioxide to glucose.

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