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Tema 1: email presentándote a una empresa.

Hello Everyone//My name is José. I am 19 years old and I live in Antequera. I am a Friendly and hardworking boy. I am the new administrative assistant. My Previous job was a commercial company near London. I was the chief account. Another Work, was the administrative assistant in Andiex, S.L., company located in Malaga, for six months I am looking forward to meeting you all and working with You (factory/company). Also, I have a lot of experience when it comes to Dealing with customers who have complaints or concerns about our products //Best Wishes, José Grillo.

Tema 2: descripción de la oficina.

Dear ms Keys// welcome to amazing clothes. We are pleased to have a join our company. The plan of our offices is attached to help you get around at the beginning. We Can report you on the pros and cons of the clothing store. You can come to our Human resources department is located on the fifth floor. Where you can ask About my office, located on the fourth floor. Take the elevator to the fourth Floor. When you get off the elevator straight down the hall and turn right and My office is opposite the stairs.// I hope soon your visit.// Antonio

Tema2: email dando instrucciones de donde nos encontramos Para la reunión.

Dear Mr. Johnston// I’d like to confirm our meeting on 29rd September in our offices.// The offices are situated in globe tower. When you enter the building, the Reception desk is on your right and the lift is next to the desk. Our offices Are on the seventh floor. Turn left when you get out of the lift. My office is Room 788. It is the third room on your right near is the stairs.// I look Forward to seeing you,// Carlos

Tema 4: hacer Un pedido.

Dear Mrs. John.// my company need office supplies so I am looking for a business of Office supplies. The company must be reliable and legal. We would be grateful If you were our next supplier. I want an estimate about next listed://50 ring Binders, 60 rubbers,100 blue and black pens, 70 pink  and yellow highlighter, 20 pair of scissors, 40 writing pads and 30 rolls of sticky tape.// our payment terms are 20days After delivery date if you agree. The delivery date must be no later than Tuesday3rd November.// regards I am waiting for your letter.//Roberto.

Tema 9: solicitar Una reunión.

Dear all,// I would like to schedule a meeting to do business with you. My company has affordable And interesting products. Also the articles have good quality. We`d like to Hold the meeting on Friday, 17th may, from 9, 30 till about 11.00, In the second floor meeting room. I think it is beneficial for the company. If You have any questions, contact me.// I need to know who will attend the Meeting, please.// I hope for your reply.// sincerely, Carlos.

Tema 10: rechazar la invitación a una reunión.

Dear Fred,// The last Tuesday, 5th of may, my administrative assistant received Your mail regarding the meeting on Tuesday, 5th April. I am sorry, I Couldn’t answer before because I am really busy.//First of all, thank you for Inviting me but unfortunately I will be tied up that day with visitors from our Japanese office. They only come twice a year and I can’t postpone the e Meeting. Can I reschedule for the following day- Wednesday, 6th April? I apologize for the inconvenience.

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