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Pannikin: a small pan or cup made of metal and used for eating or drinking. I dare say: used for saying something is probably true, althought you do not know for certain. Scores of: lots of. Obsolete: no longer used because something newer has replaced it. Pedant: someone who gives too much importance to details and formal rules, especially of grammar. An afterthought: something that you think of and say after you have finished saying something. Vapid: showing no sign of intelligence. Eagerness: enthusiasm. Flittered: appeared for a very short time.

Detached house: having no wall in common with another building. Bungalow: a small house or summer cottage. Loft: an upper room or storage area beneath a sloping roof;attic. Semi-detached house: a house joined by a party wall to another house or row of houses. Terraced houses:an open area connected to a house and serving as an outdoor living area; balcony. Cottage: a modest vacation house, as at a lake or mountain resort. Basement: the lowermost portion of a structure. Conservatory: a building with a glass roof, for growing and displaying plants;greenhouse. Drive: act of driving. Fence:a barrier enclosing or surrounding a field, yard. Hedge:a row of bushes or small trees forming a fence or boundary.Landing:the level floor between flights of stairs. Verandah:a porch. Utility room:reserved for a washing machine.Shed:a slight or rude structure built for shelter, storage. Porch: a raised platform on the outside of a building.

To draft a contract: sketch, or design. An estate agent:a business that arranges thesale, renting of homes,lands. Landlords:a man who owns the house that you live in and who you pay rentto. Tenant:someone who pays money to live in a room. Take out a mortgage: to hold or grip with the hands. For ages, without delay(sin retaso), to take legal actions, to do the trick, to invade one´s privacy,no doubt , a total shock, to be honest, needless to say, to lodge a formal complaint(presentar una demanda formal), to put in a complaint(poner en una reclamación).

To pull something down, to go round (dar la vuelta), to go behind someone´s back(ir detrás de alguien atrás).
To rehearse: to practice. To pay a deposit: to settle (debt) by handing over money. Antisocial behaviour: unable to associate in a normal way with other people. To have a cheek: to possess.

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