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1º Hi my name´s M., well, it's really m.C.O.P.But everyone calls me martha. I am 53 years old and live in sagunto valencia. 2º I´m going to tell you about my self. I´m at the vocational school studying integral aesthetics. I´m in last year and I really like it. I live with my sons and my daughter in a house in the mountains. I have a dog, and two cats. 3º As you can see, I have black hair and brown eyes, my sons say that I am very thin, but I believe that it is not like that. 4º I think I'm a passive person. My friends say I'm funny and it's true, I like making people laugh. But at work I am serious and responsible. 5º I don't have free time because when I´m not in class I have to do the degree project. But I like to relocate things at home. I see the channel of reforms in divinity. MARKO…1º Hello my oldest son´s name is marko, well actually his full name is marco antonio. He will turn 28 on july 7 and he lives in Lleyda. 2º I´m going to tell you something about him. HE is a chef at the inn in his city, and lives in a flat neat his work. She has an 8 month old rottweiler dog and her name is Maggy, she is very naughty. 3º He has black hair and brown eyes, his body is athletic and he looks a bit like me. 4º He is a very focused person, he does not like injustices. He is the youngest of his group of friends, they love him very much. 5º In his spare time he creates new recipes, and some are approved and put on the restaurant menu. He well come in august to spend his holidays with us……. Tenses review: past and present simple frase + (OJO AL VERBO) I-you live/she-me-it lives / we-you-they live. Present simpl con preguntas + Do I-you live? / Does he-she-it / Do we-you-they. Present simpl con frases - I-you don´t / Me-she-it dosen´t / we-you-they don´t. Past simple empieza con Did - + ? Los pronombres (I-you-me..).Tienen él verbo con terminacion d-ed..Sí la frase es + /los pronombres didn't más verb sí la frase es - / Did pronombres y verb sí es ? / Verb to be en present: I am- you are-/ (me-she-it) is/(we-you-they)are.Verb to be pass simpl: I was/ you were/(me-she-it)was/ (we-you-they) were. Present continu: I am verb ing/ you are verb ing/(e-she-it)is verb ing/ (we-you-they)are verb ing todos en frase + /I am not verb ing/ you are not verb ing/ (e-she-it) is not verb ing frase en - /Am I verb ing/Are you verb ing/ Is(he-she-it) verb ing frase con ? Past Continious was=estaba/Wayse’ y +verb +Ing/ were=estábamos, weren’t + verb + ing Gerunds and infinitives siempre terminan con ing./ 1*First Conditional(if +present simpl/will + verb)(If= futuro): should +(deberias)/ shouldn´t - (no deberias)/ empieza con will + and won´t - / if + present (will/won´t) + infinitive/ if + pass (would-wouldn´t) + infinitive/ if + pass (could-couldn´t) + infinitive./ Second Conditional = if + pasado simple/ would + verb./ Present perfect: respuesta corta(has not=hasn´t)(have not=haven´t)/(I-you have eaten/he-she-it has eaten/we-they have eaten respuestas cortas en +) / (I-you haven´t eaten/he-she-it hasn´t eaten/we-they haven´t respuestas cortas en -)/ (Have I-You eaten?/Has e-she-it eaten/Have we-they eaten? Respuestas cortas en ?. Passive (with present simple) I am / you are /he-she-it is / we-they are en + / I am not / you aren´t / e-she-it isn´t / we-they aren´t en -. / Los verb tienen terminaciones: speak= is spoken - grow= is grown - water=are watered / check aut=are cheked out/ make= are made / pay= is paid / catch= are caught / open= are opened / pick up= are pick up / clean= are cleaned / know= is known /give= are given / elect= is eleced./ Used to =solia en pasado: pronomb(I- you-he-...)used to (+) pronomb …..Didn't use to (-)PRESENT PERFEC:infinitive to + verb = to decide(decidir)to forget(olvidar) hope(esperanza) learn(aprender) meed(necesitar) after(después) play(jugar) pretend(pretender) promise(promesa) remember(recordar) start(empezar) try (intentar) want(querer) would like(me gustaría)verb + gerundio= verbIng= enjoying / enjoy(disfrutar) finish(terminar) go on(bien) hate(odio) like(gustar) love(amor) wind(viento) spend(gastar) start(empezar) stoop(agacharse) feel like(sentir cómo)

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