I choose to live

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* To get/ be off beaten track: to be in a place far away from the city* To rough it: to live without the comforts of modern life* To get by on a shoestring budget (survive with a limited budget) vs to end up spending fortune (spend a lot of money)* To be a culture vulture: to enjoy culture (art)* To get back to nature: to live in a simple way* To be in the lap of luxury: live in a very comfortable condition

Colocations with TRAVELLER

* Frequent traveler* Independent traveler: traveler who didn’t book a package.

* Seasoned traveler* Intrepid traveler: brave, fearless* Weary traveler: tired travelers* Discerning traveler* Armchair traveler* Inveterate traveler: unlikely to stop* Unwary travelers: not conscious of the possible dangers of the place


* To get someone’s goat: annoy somebody * To be / to get carried away: overexcited* To fork out: pay* Hefty: large, big* Tight budget: limited money* To run wild: salvage* To be dead set on (+ ing): to be determined to* To be very much in line with: similar* To elbow people aside* To face the music * To foot the bill* To shoulder the burden* To stomach the idea: to accept or get used to doing something* To toe the line: to do what you are ordered

* To be well and truly hooked on: interest in* To rise to the challenge: estar a la altura* Sink or swim: fail or succed* To be great eye opener* Soak up the atmosphere* To be put to the test* Once in a lifetime opportunity* At odds with: no concordar/estra de acuerdo* By no means: de ninguna manera* On its own merits* Over the top* Beyond all expectations* In all honesty* Out of my control* Within reason: dentro de lo reasonable

* to be dragged along* The rest is history* Everything falls into place* To hit a run of bad luck* To knock somebody sideway's: to sorprise or confuse* To live beyond one's means: spend more money than what you can afford* Go downhill fast* Something on the cards: likely to happen* To be in a rut: not making progress* To be made redundant: to be fired without having the responsability/ for budget cuts* Out of the blue: an event that occurs unexpectedly, without any warning or preparation.

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