I choose to live

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4false(5-6).5true(7-8),6remain,7escape,8escape,9from,10Nada asked if they didn't have any compassion.11They force children to marry all over the world.12What did you do to prevent that marriage?.13Nada, who lives in Yemen, must also have an opportunity to live her own life.**Cash rains down from skies.1The authorities had posted a police agent at the marina to prevent trouble..2The authorities had posted a police agent at the marina to prevent trouble.3He might have chosen that particular place because he liked it. He certainly visited it every day.4true(5-6),5false(12-13).6gift,7fly,8of,9crowd,10What did he sprint for with about 50 other people?,11He may have hidden some of the money.12It is useless to wait for the bus.13People believe Leonard Maull was crazy.**Teenager designs platform to clean seas.2because it can be toxic for fish amd eventually harm human beings.4true(5).5false(11),6floating,7stink,8advantage,efficiency,10what has Boyan invented?,11human produce the plastics rubbish with which the seas are polluted.12Boyan say that he was going to earn a lot of money with that device.13our planet would be much cleaner.**Hollywood’s Connections with Nazi Germany.4false(6-7),5true(8-9),6banned,7beauty,8baker,9evil,10how often does Paul go to the movies.11you shouldn´t tell the secret to anybody.12to take.13only doctor should prescribe those medicines

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