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by the place where I live, every weekend all the neighbors go out to clean the neighborhood, we already know what to do, first we collect all the waste and put it in a garbage container, collect all the containers and recycle it, then we put plants so that the place where we live is more with green areas, we also make many posters and put it on each corner so that children don´t  get dirty and can take care of the place where they have fun and so they can play quietly.

every month we give talks to children and people who visit our city and we suggest that they take care of the environment, that they recycle, that they reuse and that they vote the garbage in the place that it is, and don´t  throw it in any place

these things that we make make a difference because if we take care, we recycle and the whole planet we will see in a healthy and clean state and we will make it last and be able to see that all the people if we can take care of the planet 

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