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Britain became an Industrialized country between 1750 and 1850. The industrial revolution changed Dramatically the lives of people that lived in Britain. The population during This period was about 11 million of people that lived in villages gaining its Lives with agriculture. However, for the year 1850 the population had grown a Lot, to about 21 million of people. People started to live in cities and worked In factories which led to a significant change in the way of living. In this Essay it will be argued that industrial revolution started due to three very Important aspects that changed. The increase in population, the raw materials And the transport.

One of the reasons was that The population was increasing around the year 1750 because of the new Technological and health advances so people can have a longer live, this caused A greater demand for goods. As there were more people, there were a lot of Inhabitants able to work in factories. This increase supposed the necessity of Producing more stuff for everybody. Therefore, the raw materials were needed.

New materials were discovered, specifically coal, which was found in Underground mines. Burning the coal produces energy which was very useful, so They needed to find an easily way of taking this new raw material from Underground. Consequently, workers created a machine known as the steam engine That functions with coal to obtain more coal and transform it into energy. Energy was used for the creation of many goods and products that could be sold And satisfy the inhabitants. The production made by factories were controlled By the social class of bourgeoise and they obtained all its benefits. The Advances thanks to energy also affected to trade, increasing the ways of Transport.

Between 1660 and 1750 transport had a significative increase, this made Easily to move things from one place to another. Thanks to improved railways And canals that were built allowed raw materials like iron and coal, including Other goods to get quirkier to their destiny. Not only products, but also new Ideas could travel faster. This had an enormous impact being one of the most Important cause of the Industrial Revolution, making life easier for those who Lived in Britain during this years.

To conclude, I would like to Emphasis the fact that Britain has passed through a lot of changes during a Period of around hundred years. The population growth, but there was enough food For everybody as the agriculture also grew, as a result the great amount of raw Materials helped to produce the factories and transport which have a very big Influence in the Industrial Revolution. The development of transport enabled to Move raw materials from on place to another and also helped British to have More colonies and merchants to travel overseas, thanks to this they became Richer and invested their money in new business. Until this point the Industrial Revolution had changed completely how people live in Britain into a Good way. 

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