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1.”I’am Sorry I lost your watch” said Care -> Care Apologized for losing my watch

2. “You Ought to go on a diet” Jaime told me -> Jaime Adviced me to go on a diet

3. “Wear a Lifechaket” Said Juan to the tourist- >Juan Ordered to the tourist to wear a lifechaket

4.”Don’t Any money” Said Philip -> Philip said That she didn’t have any money

5. I’ll buy You’re a ticket” said Tom -> Tom Offered to buy my ticket.


John asked Carol if she had enjoyed the party the day before -> “Did you enjoy the party yesterday? “ asked Tom

Tom said Mary He met her at the park -> “I meet you At the park” said tom

He told us to go -> “Come with me” he said

He asked me to open the door -> “Con you open de door?“ He asked

She suggested going to the beach -> “Let’s go to the beach” she said

He refused to do it  -> “I Won’t to do it” he said

She offered to help me -> “Can I help you?” she said


-It was passive the burglars had through the Kitchen door -> The burglars could Have entered through the kitchen door

-He could speak French when she was 4 -> He was able to speak French when she Was 4

-I was sure he wasn’t at the party -> He can’t have been at the party

-I am sure he is a home -> He must be at the home

-It was obligatory to carry a helmet -> You had to carry a helmet


-Do you Send petitions to local councils every month?

Are petitions to local councils sent every Month?

-are you Saving many species of animals nowadays?

Are many species of animals been saved Nowadays?

-Haven’t They cleaned the polluted river?

Haven’t been polluted rivers cleaned?

-Investigator Will use fever chemicals in the future?

Fever chemicals will be use in the future by Investigator?

-Did she Tell you the truth?

Were you told me the truth?


1.The instructions Have been changed -> They have changed The instructions

2.She will Have to be taught -> They will have To teach

3.This car Was manufactured in Japan by Toyota -> Toyota Manufactured this car in Japan

4.Why aren’t The exercises being finished on time? -> Why aren’t they finishing the exercises on time?

5. Last Year 2000 new units had been produced by the time we introduce the new design

We had produced 2000 new units by the time we Introduce the new design last year.


1.The hairdresser Is cutting John’s hair -> John is Having his hair cut

2. The Workmen are painting my living room- > I Am having my living room painted

3. Someone Has fixed my computer -> I had my Computer fixed

4. The Dentist is going to cheek my teeth tomorrow -> I am going to have my teeth cheeked

5. Autician Did my nails yesterday -> I had my Nails done yesterday


We HAVE BEEN STAYING at a compsite since Tuesday, and we LOVED every minute of Our holidays. We DIDN’T EXPECT it is To be nice when we booked it last month. It’s 30 minutes from the sea an Karen And I HAVE WALKED to the coast 3 times This week. In fact we HAVE JUST SWIMMING in the sea. We went a bit disappointed when we got thre because we HAS FORGOTTEN to bring snorkers, we HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED snorkeling…(8).IS STUDING


1.“Have you Two been waiting here long?”

Donna asked them if they had been waiting there Long

2.”The Children come home late last night”

Rowana said that the children came late the previous Night

3. Where Did she leave our car?

Garant asked where we had  left our car

4. “I am Going to work harder next month”

Henry said that he was going to work harder the Following month

5. “I can’t Swim very well”

Felicity said that she couldn’t swim very well

6. “Do Sophie’s parents know where she is? “

Phil asked if Sophie’s parents knew where she Was

7. “I was Here last night”

Paul said that he had been there the night Before

8. I hope you will enjoy the party tomorrow

Anna said that she would enjoy the party the Following day

9. Don’t go Swimming tomorrow night

Olive told me not to go swimming the following Night.


1. Sarah said Se wouldn’t go to my party evening -> “I Will go to your party evening” said Sarah

2. Jonh Said that I had to wear a suit the following Saturday -> “You have to wear a suit the next Saturday” Said John

3. Dani Asked us if we had found his wallet - > “Did You find my wallet? Asked dani


5. Paula Said she hadn’t seen her sister the day before -> “I didn’t see her sister yesterday” said Paula


6. A book with information about place: Guidebook

1. A lot of Holidays SGHTSEER come to our resort

2. It’s Hard to choose BETWEEN the red one Or eh blue one

3. What’s the DIFFERENCE  between euros and dollars?

4. I’ll pay FOR THESE

5. I love being in the sun by the sea CRUISE

1. Honest And reliable. FRANK /TRUTSWORTHY

2. Flexible And good at changing to fit circumstances ADAPTABLE

3.Emotional And easily hurt. SENSITIVE

4. Get paid To do your job. SALARY

5. Fail to Chat the buss. MISS

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