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REDACCION AMIGO EMAIL: Sorry, I couldn't write before because I had to travel to see my family and used the phone only rarely.The testis it has been for good news, my aunt is going to have a baby!//Well, now i'm in Spain and i will spend several weeks here to hep my aunt with preparations before shegoes to the hospital, I allmy family and I are very nervous, the baby will be named Raul. It is expected to be born in two weeks, so I will not return to London until next month more or less.//This week I will live in a hotel that is very good. I put photos on Facebook and I will live in a hotel that is very cool. I put photos on Facebook and I wil send them to you.//Hey I forgot I have to ask you something. When I return I will make a super party at my new house and as i'm not in London you're in change of inviting people,OK? I wait for your answer. I leve you! Naiara

REDACCION COMPAÑIA MOVIL: Dear Sir//I am writting this email because I have some companieand questions about the new phone that I tought seen your internet page I bought the phone last week it is an Apple phone. The problem with it is that it turns off and on , plus the screen is locked when leading. Since I hav had the phone it has worked perfectly only twice and it was in the first days.//I need to have my phone fixed as screen as possible because I use it for my daily work I would be very grateful if you couldreply as soon as possible.

I appreciate your assistance.

Yours faithfully, NAI

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