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Presently, since the population’s life Expectancy has increased, the cost of the sanitary assistance has also Augmented. Depending on the culture of the populations, elderly stay at home And their relatives take care of them. Both in Spain and in Catalonia, we do Not have this culture; when our relatives get older and we cannot take care of Them, we send them to nursing homes.

The main reason why nursing homes are a good option is that They can take in people with different dependencies or pathologies and evendifficultiesof movement, Thanks to the elevators and ramps. Thus residents do not have to limit themselves When they want to move and they can go out to Get some airinthe gardens and Move freely thanks to the facilities, being able to cross the doors with their wheelchairs If it is necessary, something that does not happen in common flats due to the lack Of space and adaptation.

Another reason is medical care. For a single personor a busy family would be almost impossible to provide 24-hour medical care every day of the week. Nevertheless, in nursing homes there are a lot of elders living, so the cost is shared, and most of them are monitored Constantly.

It is a fact that elders are grateful for the company. In These centers they meet people of their age and they share experiences and conversations With them. If they were alone in their houses this would not happen. As if they Were living with their family, who would leave them without company in their house While they would go away to work.

In conclusion, the adaptability of the furniture to special Needs, the medical care and the company are the main reasons that make us think That residences are a good option to live the last years of lifeinan agreeable way.

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