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Hi Sun Hong!
How are you? I hope you're well. I'm writing you because I'd like to tell you about the social rules in my country. I liked your last email about the habits and the manners in your country and now I want to tell you about Spain.

Spain is significantly different from China. There are so many behaviour rules that we need to respect in order to live better if we want to have a better relationship beetween us. But they are not real rules; in other words, there aren't laws. For example, we usually say "thank you" after buying at the store, or we say "thanks" when a neighbour keeps the elevator's door open. We say "please" to borrow something, and sorry to apologize or when we think we have done something wrong with someone.
In Spain it is usual to tip a waitress if we are please with the service but not all the people do it, it depends on you. With regard to social rules when we go out for ddinner with a friend, if the dinner is in her house, i like to bring with me a bottle of wine or some cookies, or a cake, because I believe it is inappropiate to go to another house without something There are some of the social rules in Spain but of course there are many more. If you want to know more, only tell me and I'll write you!./ shake hands-good day/evening- kiss on both cheeks

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