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Hitler was extremely anti-semitic, during the 1930s Jews were persecuted by the concentration; Sometimes they executed them at the moment or they were sent to prision camps as we can seeon the first picture; they live in terrible conditions in one prision camp. Those who opposed or critised. Hitlr´s regime were excuted as in the second picture, where they are going to kill one man.
In the Nazy Germany,women must stay at home, get married and have large families of children; they also had to educate their children under the Nazi values, that is what shows the third picture: one women and man with their children. 
Hitler followed expansionist foreign policy to regain the territories that Germany had lost as a result of the Teatry of Versailles; as in the fouth picture, that showshow Germany had annexed and ocupied mone territories, Austria, for example.

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