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Nowadays, our lives Are determined by what others thinkofus. The main reason for thisis the increasing importance of Fashion industries duringthelast years.

Firstly, The way we showourselvesin publicmakes people imaginethe personality we have.That’s whywe choose clothesdepending on the latestfashion patterns.Secondly, the price of clotheshas been increased in order to enrichbig companies.Consequently, there are a lot of items In the market that the middle classcan’t Afford.Besides, thishas led tothe well-known sales period when People spend a lot of moneyonclothes,even ifthey don’t need them.

Another important Pointisthe influence of oursurroundingssocial circle. That is, we have the Necessity to be part of a group, so we behaveaccording To our friends.If you woreany piece of clothingdifferent fromwhat is usual,you would feeleverybody looking at you In the street.

To Sum up,in my view, the fashion industry has the power to control people’s lives.Whatever they set as a trend. Designers Would wear whatever they set as a trend so that society get interested in those Trends

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