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A frame of: an overall structure

Artery: a blood vessel

Awkwardness: embarassement

Blur: to make sth unclear

Broaden: to expand sth

Chap: a guy

Charismatic: charming

Cochlear: concerning a part of the inner ear

Commence: to begin

Conceive: to create

Convey: to communicate an idea, feeling, without words

Dashing: elegant, stylish

Elective: that you choose to do

Exceed: to surpass 

Fondness: a feeling of linking sth very much

Gaze: a look

Implant: sth artificial that is put into the body during an operation

In essence: basically

Inquisitive: curious

Integrated: incorporated

Iris: a colored part of the eye around the pupil

Liberate: to free sb from sth

Limb: an arm or a leg

Metabolism: body process of converting food into energy

Mind-blogging: difficult to understand

Neural: related to the nerves in a body


Possessed of: having

Profitable: money-making

Prosthetic: artificial

Pulsating: throbbing

Pump: to supply large amounts of liquid

Recalibrate: to reset

Residual: remaining

Restore: to repair sth

Retinal: concerning the retina

Sensor: a device that responds to physical signs

Showcase: to show clearly

Sophisticated: advanced

Spleen: large, oval, dark red organ near the stomach that filters blood

Startling: extraordinary

Stumble over my words: make errors in speaking

Tissue: group of biological cells with similar structure and function 

Unparalleled: unequalled 

Allocate: to assign a piece of work

Be on the same weavelength: understand and agree with each other

Browse: navigate

Conduct: perform

Conjecture: speculate

Cutting-edge: most advanced

Detriment: a cause of harm

Dispute: an argument

Drawback: disadvantage

Hypothesise: to suppose

Illiteracy: inhability to read and write

It’s not rocket science: is not difficult to understand

Oversee: supervise

Prompt: to make sb do sth as a reaction

Pull the plug: put an end to sth

Refresh: reload the computer page

Refute: prove sth false

Renew: restart

Retain: mantain sth

Sth is light years ahead: sth a long way ahead

Trigger: to cause sth to happen 

Uncover: reveal

Undertake: take sth on

Be bound to: destined to do sth

Be due to: be expected to do sth

On the verge of: on the brink of doing sth

Be to: supposed to do sth

Feature: to present

Ground breaking: innovative

Imminent: approaching

Utterly: totally

Adept: skillful

Entrust: give sth to sb for safekeeping

Justifiable: reasonable

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